Rose Buds

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Making a caffeine-free tea or a floral DIY? Our dried rosebuds retain the floral notes of wild roses! Find the best whole dried rose buds here! Shop now!

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Edible flowers

More than an iconic decoration, whole flower rose buds are actually edible! Not only are they safe to eat, but they have some added health benefits. Dried rose buds are blooming in vitamins and antioxidants, comparable to oranges and grapefruits.

Plus they look absolutely stunning as a garnish and bring wonderful flavors to your dishes.

Ingredients: Dried rose buds

Vibrant and Fragrant

Our drying methods retain the floral notes of wild roses in a convenient, loose leaf, whole flower form so you can enjoy as a tea or get a little more creative! Rose buds have a smooth floral taste, with mild sweetness.

Use our rose buds to make your own rosewater or rose flavored simple syrup for coffee lattes, herbal tea blends, rosey cocktails, bubble milk teas, desserts, baked goods, DIY beauty care, oil infusions, potpourri, bath salts and so much more!

Nature Restore Dried Rose Buds Whole Flower, 4-Ounces, 113-Grams