Knotweed Powder

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Japanese Knotweed is a highly potent source of trans-resveratrol, meaning it can be easily absorbed and utilized with only a very small serving! Shop now!

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A Hearty Dose of Trans-resveratrol

Do you give your heart the love it deserves? Our Japanese Knotweed powder contains high levels of trans-resveratrol (yes, that thing in red wine) which works to support healthy heart functions. While red wine is a tempting source, Japanese knotweed is naturally packed with trans-resveratrol and other antioxidants that are far more beneficial. Plus, you can safely add knotweed to your morning smoothie without side-eye from your family.

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Nature Restore Organic Japanese Knotweed Powder 8oz Supplement Facts

Protect Your Heart

Let’s be honest, Japanese knotweed is not for the faint of heart. But if you can stand its bitter taste (don’t worry, one serving is only a third of a teaspoon!) then this superfood powder is a heart health winner! For the knotweed expert, mix a serving of powder with water for a daily wellness shot. For the novice, test your taste buds by gradually adding to your favorite smoothies or teas.

Nature Restore Japanese Knotweed Powder, Organic, 8-Ounces, 226-Grams


This is by far a huge superfood that you need to include in your diet. It's high in resveratrol, it helps with your blood pressure, circulation, decreases inflammation... the list goes on and on!


I use Japanese Knotweed Powder to support cognitive health thanks to its high content of transresveratrol.


I love Nature Restore superfood powders because they're USDA approved organic superfood powders which is really important.

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