Superfood Powder

Delicious, plant-based, and organic – our superfood powders and extracts are sourced directly from nature to restore your body. Enhance your health and wellness routine with fruit, vegetable, and root powders that are free of added sweeteners and other unnecessary ingredients. You only get what you actually need.

Bodily Restoration Made Easy with Organic Fruit and Vegetable Powders

From organic Japanese knotweed and milk thistle to açaí berry and pomegranate, some foods are highly regarded in holistic medicine and naturopathy for their bodily benefits. Offering antioxidants to prevent free radical damage, densely packed with nutrients, and touting some of the most impressive health benefits, these superfoods are well worth including in your everyday diet. Unfortunately, not all of the foods you probably want to consume are readily available at your local supermarket. Our organic fruit and vegetable powders make it super easy to get the nutrients you need to improve your overall lifestyle.

Pure, Quality Ingredients to Provide What Nature Intended

The best superfood powders include simple, high-quality ingredients you can trust (and nothing else). Our powders are specifically made with premium, natural ingredients – no artificial sweeteners or unnecessary additives. The goal? To ensure that the superfood products you get from Nature Restore give you exactly what nature intended. Additionally, each of our powders is tested in a third-party laboratory for purity and quality. That way, you can have greater peace of mind knowing that the products you’re putting into your body are healthy and safe.

Superfood Powders for Smoothies and More

One of the greatest advantages of superfood powders? They can be easily incorporated into your diet, no matter how busy your schedule is. And that’s great. For example, superfood powders for smoothies are an excellent way to get a health boost in a pinch. You can also add our products to your favorite recipes for additional benefits. 

Each superfood powder from Nature Restore is packaged in a resealable bag and is easy to measure for your morning smoothie, homemade energy bars, and more. Plus, because our superfood powders are derived from whole, natural ingredients, you get the same delicious flavors and aromas you expect from fresh foods! Isn’t that amazing??