Our co-founder, Richard, was exposed to healthy eating at an early age thanks to his father. As a child, he had more wheatgrass shots than you could keep track of and sipped on raw juices made for him. 

As he departed off to college, Richard experienced the new wonders of college life - lots of food that's not so good for you. And he let down his guard in terms of health and began to gain the infamous freshman 15


Busy with life as a full-time student and working a job that required late nights (on top of all the homework and studying), Richard knew he had to maintain his health in some way. 

What better than grabbing a few bottles of vitamins and supplements from the local store, right? 

Not so much.

After several months of supplementing, Richard thought he'd start to feel better and get his weight under control. Sadly, he wasn't feeling any better and he was feeling worse.  


Richard decided to take action and he sought out a local naturopath in West Covina, California to determine what was going on with his health. 

After some blood tests and evaluations, Richard's naturopath determined his complications and general health ailments he was experiencing stemmed from the supplements he bought at the local store that he was taking the last several months.

The blood work showed that a high amount of heavy metals were present and that the supplements were the only logical source of his health ailments. 


Given Richard's upbringing of living healthy at an early stage in his childhood, he knew he had to do something different with his life going forward. In particular, he knew he had to find a better solution to the supplements he and his future family would be consuming long-term. 

These health scares motivated Richard to take the next step in his journey to creating a health & wellness brand that take safety, purity, and the integrity of its ingredients as the number one priority. 


At Nature Restore, we take the long and safe route to sourcing, testing, and manufacturing our products for you to enjoy. We get every batch of ingredients 3rd party tested by Eurofins Scientific to ensure your products are safe from heavy metals, pesticides, and bacteria that may be harmful.

We do this because we want you to feel confident and assured that when our products arrive at your doorstep you are getting the highest quality and safest products possible. 

We don’t make magic pills or potions at Nature Restore. We don’t promise overnight transformation or cures. We won’t try and trick you with silly marketing schemes. What we will do is help you make your whole self better with targeted nutrition and wellness products. We are here to supplement your journey towards your health and wellness goals. You have thousands of choices when choosing wellness supplements and plant-based nutrition –we can confidently say that we are here to support you in your personal endeavors.