Jiaogulan Loose Tea

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Referred to as the “Immortality Herb”, Jiaogulan tea has a mild, herbal taste with hints of sweetness similar to the taste of matcha. Shop the best naturally caffeine-free teas!

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How can we be so brazen as to claim that a tea grants immortality? Well, according to TCM legend, those who drink this tea live to over 100 years old, earning itself the moniker, the “tea of immortality”. Sounds a lot like an elixir of youth to us!

Legends aside, Jiaogulan has powerful adaptogenic properties that help restore balance to your body and mind. You’ll feel refreshed and revitalized, as if you have gained new life. Jiaogulan tea is often enjoyed in the morning for energy and endurance and at night for a calm, restful sleep. Since this herbal tea is naturally caffeine free, any time of day is the right time of day!

Ingredients: Jiaogulan loose leaf

Flavors & Brew Notes

This tea has a light and herbal taste with hints of sweetness. Mildly similar to green teas, without the caffeine, and pairs well with honey, lemon, stevia, and mint.

1. Bring 8 fl ounces of fresh filtered water to a boil (212°F)

2. Place 1-2 tsp (1-2g) of the loose leaf tea in a sachet or tea infuser

3. Steep for 2-10 minutes and enjoy hot or over ice!

Nature Restore Jiaogulan loose leaf tea 4oz, 113 Grams