Milk Thistle Powder

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Our course-ground milk thistle powder is an effective addition to any health and wellness routine. Support immunity and skin health with this potent product. Order now!

  • CERTIFIED ORGANIC | 100% USDA Organic Milk Thistle Seed Powder, Certified Organic by QAI
  • BENEFITS | Milk thistle is nature's detox remedy. Our course-ground milk thistle powder is a powerful tool to add to your health and wellness repertoire!
  • NEUTRAL TASTE WITH A HINT OF NUTTINESS | Simply add to your favorite DIY food and beverage recipes. When adding to liquid-based recipes, keep in mind that powder does not dissolve fully in water
  • 10 Ounces, 283 grams. Packaged locally in Southern California in a heat sealed and re-closeable jar. Roughly 142 servings per jar, Recommend Serving is 1/2 teaspoon (approximately 2 grams).

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Natural Remedy

The liver does a great job filtering out toxins, but sometimes it needs a helping hand – especially if we’ve been overindulging. Milk thistle has been used for centuries in folk medicine for its potential detoxifying effects, especially when you want to show that overworked liver a little extra love.

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Deliciously light and nutty

Despite its name, milk thistle has nothing to do with dairy so it’s totally vegan friendly. Our course-ground powder has a pleasantly subtle nutty flavor that can be added to lattes, smoothies, juices, baked goods, and even dog treats! Yup. Milk thistle is safe for humans and fur-babies alike.


I heard about milk thistle being used as a detox. I was searching for a Organic quality product which is third-party tested and I found Nature Restore. We add milk thistle to our frozen fruit smoothies and it blends well. We add it to cooked oatmeal or overnight oats. We also give it to our dog and she loves it w her food and mixed in with a bit of cooked oatmeal. The quality and price is great!


I drink wine and Milk Thistle helps detox the liver and it helps with liver health so this is what I add into my Protein Frosty every single day.


I love Nature Restore. I love the taste of this. And I'm so happy that this is in my life right now.

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