Pine Bark Powder

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Pine bark is used worldwide for its antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties and health-related benefits.

From baked goods to beverages, find all of our favorite Strawberry recipes here!

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We “Heart” Pine Bark

Pine bark extract is rich in powerful antioxidants, which are not only healthy for you, but give this bark its lovely red-brown color. These specific antioxidants are great for supporting a healthy heart, with some studies showing blood pressure and circulation support.

It’s thought that it supports blood flow by improving the delivery of nitric oxide which works as a “vasodilator” meaning it helps to widen the blood vessels for easier circulation.

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Nature Restore Organic Pine Bark Powder 8oz Supplement Facts

Strong and bitter, but worth it!

Pine bark extract has a dry, bitter flavor profile. With this powder it’s best to focus on the benefits and forgo the thought of a tasty pine scented tonic. Thankfully, at only about ¼ tsp per serving, you dont ever need to taste this powder directly!

Add it to deeply rich and indulgent berry smoothies or chocolate shakes. If you prefer wellness shots to smoothies, you’ve been warned.