American Grown Greens Powder, Organic Wheatgrass, Kale, Barley Grass

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    American Grown Greens Powder contains a triple blend of organic wheatgrass, kale, and barley grass, all grown in the United States. Our suppliers' farms are located throughout Kansas and each batch is independently tested for heavy metals to ensure purity. Shop now!

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Nourishing Triple Blend of Organic Kale, Organic Wheatgrass and Organic Barley Grass

A superior choice for premium nutritional supplements

Sourced from the pristine landscapes of the United States, this product embodies the essence of natural goodness. Packed with a curated blend of nutrient-rich greens, it offers a convenient and potent way to fortify your daily nutrition. The commitment to quality and purity is evident, making it a reliable companion on your wellness journey.