Chamomile Flowers

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Chamomile Flowers have a very pleasant flavor and fragrance that lends well to teas, cocktails, and DIY beauty projects. Shop Chamomile Flower Powder!

From baked goods to beverages, find all of our favorite Strawberry recipes here!

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Find Your Moment of Peace

Chamomile's comforting aroma works to ease stress and quiet your worries for a moment of peace even during the most hectic times. Wind down your day with this truly soothing herbal tea.

This will be the best chamomile you’ve ever had, and we stand by it! Seriously, check out our reviews and brew a cup for yourself.

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Nature Restore Organic Chamomile Flowers 4oz Supplement Facts

Beyond the Tea

We all know chamomile as the ultimate bedtime tea, but they are so much more! Their delicate flavor lends well to lattes, cocktails, and even herbal dressings. These daisy-like flowers are also perfect in DIY bath bombs or candles. Plus, our flowers are 100% organic so no risk of irritating or harmful residue!

Nature Restore Chamomile Dried Whole Flower, Organic, 4-Ounces, 113-Grams, waffle recipe