BIG Immune Beta Glucan Support Supplement (Note, Expired but Still Good!)

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Unlock the potential of beta-glucans, backed by over 20,000 studies, offering a natural solution for health. Beta-glucans activate both innate and adaptive immune systems, reinforcing your body's defenses effectively. Experience comprehensive immune support with Yestimun, Glucan 300, and mushroom extracts, fortified by RosaEx's antioxidant prowess.


NOTE, by manufacturing law, we have to put two year expiration dates on these bottles. These bottles are stamped June 2023. However, from QC testing, we know the actives are still viable up to 5 years later (since bottles are stored in a dark cool place in our warehouse). We brought these back due to demand but please note that they are technically expired. 

Everyone purchasing a BIG Immune will by default receive another unit free for the reasons above. Many thanks!

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    Nourishing Your Immune Arsenal

    What makes beta-glucans truly exceptional is their ability to activate both the innate and adaptive immune systems. The innate system acts as the body's first line of defense, constantly on the lookout for potential threats and swiftly eliminating them. In contrast, the adaptive immune system creates antibodies, offering long-term protection against familiar invaders. This dual impact makes beta-glucans a vital component in fortifying your immune arsenal.

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    Nature Restore BigImmune Beta Glucan Supplement, 90 capsules

    Comprehensive Immune Support with Nature’s Finest

    Our product, meticulously crafted, combines the potency of Yestimun—a German-made beta-glucan derived from brewers yeast—with Glucan 300, the highest biologically available beta-glucan from bakers yeast. Complementing this powerhouse are extracts from Turkey Tail, Lion's Mane, and Agaricus mushrooms, known for their immune-boosting properties. To enhance the formula, we've incorporated RosaEx, combating accumulated free radicals generated during prolonged immune responses. Experience a holistic approach to immune support with our thoughtfully curated blend.