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Fun and Simple Halloween Pretzel Sticks

Fun and Simple Halloween Pretzel Sticks

Halloween is just around the corner...and you have the honor of hosting the pre-trick-or-treat gathering at your house! Your decorations are on point, the camera is ready to snap some adorable pictures of all those crazy costumes, but what is on the menu while you wait for the sun to get lower? And how are you going to entertain all those little monsters? 

Spooky themed DIY snacks!! Of course!!  

You can prep the chocolate in a snap, put out some beakers full melted colorful chocolate, a dish of eyeballs, some almond fingernails, and whatever other fun designs you can think of and get creating! 

To avoid the mess of children doing the dipping, you can pre-make them and allow the sticks to partially set before the kiddos get their hands on them, or just have them set and ready when they arrive. Up to you! The main thing is you're all having fun, celebrating, and enjoying a nice treat! 


healthy Acai powder halloween snacks - halloween pretzel sticks


Our super easy and fun recipe is just below: 



Purple Monsters

1 cup white chocolate chips
Pretzel rods 
Candy eyes 


Green Witch's Fingers

1 cup white chocolate chips
2 tbsp Kale Powder
Almond slices
Pine bark watercolor paint (optional) recipe here



Melt the white chocolate chips and stir until smooth. 
Add the respective powders for your color choice and mix until well combined. 
Dip the pretzel rod into the chocolate mixture and lay onto parchment paper to set. 

For purple:

Allow to half dry, and press candy eyes into the chocolate coating, then allow to dry completely. 

For green:

Apply an almond slice to the end of the stick for the "nail". Optional paint the nail with pine bark watercolor to appear dirty. Once the chocolate is almost dried, take a butter knife and cut in the knuckle lines just above the nail, and about halfway up.  


Halloween Pretzel sticks - witch fingers DIY



Display with all your spookiest decorations for a delicious pre trick-or-treat snack! 

Let us know if you made these by tagging @nature.restore on Instagram! We love seeing what you create! 


acai white chocolate pretzel sticks for halloween