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4 Cool LIfestyle Trends This Summer - Red hammock on palm tree beach

4 Cool Lifestyle Trends to Check Out This Summer!

A little while ago, we posted our top tips for staying cool this summer, and you all went mad for them. Whether you’ve been experimenting with a lavender mojito or chilling out with friends and cool vibes, we’ve loved hearing from you!

So this time, we thought we’d let you know about some of the coolest trends that are happening right here, right now, this summer. Buckle up, you’re in for a ride!

1. Keeping it small 

Shopping from the little guy is proving to be a big hit this year. Perhaps because of the pandemic we’ve made changes to our shopping habits or maybe the constant news of the big bucks’ corporations making even bigger bucks has gotten into our psyche. Either way, supporting small, independent, often eco-friendly, local businesses is super cool. Be that in your local mall or street corner or online, seek out those doing things a different way next time you’re looking for something new. Everything from fashion to food to furniture is now being given the small treatment.

2. Choosing natural

How we look after our health through our diet has been going through a change, too. No longer are we simply eating our fruit and veg, avoiding processed foods and swallowing a catch all multivitamin to cover all bases. Instead, we’re choosing superfoods and ancient remedies inspired by the health choices and medicinal plants that our ancestors thrived on. For example, functional mushrooms such as Organic Reishi Mushroom Powder are big news in natural stress management and the health conscious are supporting their immune health using Elderberry Extract Powder

3. The new hygge… 

Remember “hygge”, the Scandinavian word that roughly translates as “coziness”? Well, the Scandinavians have done it again, this time with “friluftsliv” (pronounced “free-loofts-liv”) which literally means “free air life”. This describes the feelings of gratitude and appreciation for spending time outside in nature. So next time you’re outside, take a moment for a deep breath, take a look around you and repeat friluftsliv. You can bring the outdoors in, too, by carefully selecting some fresh houseplants for an injection of green.

4. … And the new sports luxe

We couldn’t leave all you fashionistas out, because the in trend for summer ’21 is really exciting – “athflow”. If sports luxe was your 2020 look, then 2021 will see you in athflow. Sports luxe was all about luxury sportswear (natch), think gym kit that you could wear to meet your mates in the park or in the bar (when they were open). But athflow is a step up, and is a crossover of sports luxe and elegance. Think leggings perfect for yoga, but also perfectly suitable for office and meeting attire. Or at home clothing, with a touch of elegance, ideal for date night or hosting dinner at yours.

So there we have it, from medicinal mushrooms to glammed up tracksuit bottoms – you heard it all here first!