Nature Restore Acai Berry Powder, 8oz

It's Berry Good For You

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  • Nutrient-dense
  • Packed with antioxidants
  • Deep, rich berry flavor
  • May support immune health*


Why elderberries?

Elderberries come from the black elder tree (Sambucus nigra). These wondrous fruits provide a rich source of antioxidants and high levels of key vitamins and minerals!

We use the whole fruit when making our extract powder which gives it a deep pinkish purple color, and a pleasant grape-like berry flavor.


The difference an extract makes

It takes 10lbs of whole elderberry fruit to make 1lb of our extract. This process leads to a much more powerful form of elderberry so you can take full advantage of the wonderful health benefits it has to offer.


Ingredients: Elderberry Extract Powder, non-gmo maltodextrin

Storage Information: For optimal taste and freshness, refrigerate and use within 2 months of opening

How to Use: Use one (1) tbsp or more as needed. Add to smoothies, cocktails, overnight oats, and more!

Gluten-Free | Vegan

Special note: The color of our powders may occasionally change depending on the time of harvest. Same product, same taste!

Manufactured in Sunny SoCal



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