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Nature Restore Dried Rose Whole Flowers, Buds, and Petals

Dried Rose Bud Tea – The Most Beautiful Tea Around!

If you’re looking for a delicately floral tea, that’s bursting with antioxidant nutrients and has health benefitting properties, then look no further than dried rose bud and petal tea. And what’s more, rose bud tea looks the part, too, with its deeply floral hues and rosy tints.

Read on to discover how rose petal tea could benefit you, what it tastes like and how to make it.


What are the health benefits of dried rose bud tea?

Rose bud tea has been used medicinally for generations and it turns out, our ancient ancestors were onto something as rose buds and petals are positively blooming with vitamin C. In fact, weight for weight, rose flowers contain just as much vitamin C as oranges and grapefruits.

Vitamin C is an antioxidant vitamin, along with polyphenols, gallic acid and anthocyanins that are all antioxidants also found in rose buds. Antioxidants help to neutralize or ‘mop up’ free radicals, nasty unstable molecules that scavenge for oxygen molecules to stabilize themselves. In doing so, this can cause cellular damage and lead to inflammation and disease.

Consuming an antioxidant rich tea on a regular basis can help to keep free radicals at a manageable level, help to prevent inflammation and disease, and support a healthy immune system.


What does rose bud tea taste like?

As you might imagine, rose bud tea has a beautifully fragrant, floral flavor profile. Unlike other teas that become more bitter the longer they’re infused for, aromatic rose bud tea retains its delicate taste, no matter how long you steep the buds for. Our drying methods ensure that each bud and petal in Nature Restore Dried Rose Buds retain the floral notes of wild roses for you to enjoy.


How do I drink dried rose bud tea?

We recommend simmering a few dried buds and petals with water in a saucepan for around five minutes. Remove from the heat and strain into your favorite tea cup. If you prefer to use a teapot, pour boiling water onto a small amount of dried rose buds and petals in your pot, cover and allow to infuse for five minutes. We suggest around 1tsp of rose petals and buds per 8oz water.

For a deeper, more intense flavor, leave for longer before straining, or add more dried rose buds. If you prefer a sweet tea, add honey or agave syrup to taste and if you’re looking for a refreshing iced tea, leave to cool and add ice. Naturally caffeine free, rose bud tea can be enjoyed throughout the day without causing caffeine jitters or disturbed sleep and is an ideal alternative to water for staying hydrated.

Our dried rose buds can also be used to add decoration and a floral taste to all your favorite bakes and sweet treats too!