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5 ways to stay cool this summer-girl on beach with drink

5 ways to stay cool this summer!

How do you define cool? It’s a tricky one, isn’t it? Because “cool” is a word that means different things to different people. You might think to be cool is to have your finger firmly on the fashion pulse, whereas I might think cool is hanging out at the local science fair (no really, trust me, it’s cool).

Whatever cool means to you, staying cool in the, I’m-not-too-hot-sweaty-and-dehydrated sense this summer doesn’t have to be tricky!

 So as things are heating up, here’s our tips on remaining as cool as a cucumber martini


1. Protect yourself against the sun

Sun protection is very cool in our book. But it’s up to you how you protect yourself from the damaging rays of the sun. Some of us like to wear sunscreen, some of us don’t, and both are cool. Feeling the sun’s rays on our skin is wonderful, but if we’re not wearing sunscreen, then we should wear loose fitting clothing, sunglasses and a wide brimmed hat if we’re planning to spend a long time outside in the middle of the day. Maybe even look into some skin supporting supplements to help agains those very uncool sunspots and environmental stressors. However you choose to go, stay cool with sun protection! 

2. Sip a cooling drink

If you are planning to be outside during the hottest part of the day (the sun’s rays are generally at their strongest between 11am and 3pm), then it’s important to stay hydrated. Ice cold drinks are perfect, so keep topping off with chilled water. Add slices of lemon and cucumber, or muddle up some berries and add them with crushed ice. Or jazz things up with this ultra-cool lavender mojito – rum, optional!


3. Soak in some chill vibes

However you define cool, we think you’ll agree, there’s nothing cooler than a rooftop/beach/pop up bar, friends, music and chill vibes. If you’re drinking alcohol though, getting dehydrated or even suffering heat stroke is far from cool. Match each alcoholic drink for water, a mocktail, or a soda water and you won’t have any/too many regrets…


4. Stay cool in bed

Too hot to sleep? Running a fan all night or having air conditioning at home isn’t really that cool, environment wise. So instead, make sure your bed sheets are all made from natural, breathable fibers such as cotton or hemp. If you wear pajamas, make sure they are too (and if you don’t, you’re cool already). For extra coolness, fill a hot water bottle (bear with us…) with cold water and freeze it, then place it in your bed to cool things down. A damp sheet hanging in front of an open window will also cool the air on a breezy night.


5. Throw some shade

Throwing shade really isn’t cool, but finding actual shade is! Ideally, we’d all find the nearest palm tree and sit under it all day. But with things like jobs and childcare getting in the way (that’s adulting for you), and an obvious lack of urban palm tree shaded spots, we need to look elsewhere. You could of course channel your inner Brit and be like Mary Poppins with a parasol, but failing that, seek out lunchtime and drink spots with shade covered outdoor areas. The same goes for indoors – keep your shutters closed during the day to help keep your home cool enough to sleep at night.

 Stay cool, friends!