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Japanese Knotweed Health Benefits

Can Japanese Knotweed Improve Cognitive Health?

Source - Some of the most important health benefits of Japanese knotweed include its ability to prevent and treat cognitive disorders, improve heart health, lower your risk of cancer, reduce gastrointestinal distress, lower blood pressure, maintain proper insulin levels, and many other unique benefits.*

What is Japanese Knotweed? 

Native to many East Asian countries, Japanese Knotweed is a large perennial herb plant that has become a pivotal cultural, medicinal, culinary, and ceremonial herb for countries like Japan, Korea, and China. 

Japanese Knotweed has spread to other parts of the world and is considered invasive by many horticulturists. However, in the medicinal world, it is praised heavily for its resveratrol content, which is the main contributor to fighting off cognitive diseases. 
While there is still much debate over the effectiveness of Japanese Knotweed and resveratrol in general, supplemental and nutritional uses of the plant seems to hold significant potential. 

Can Japanese Knotweed Really Benefit Your Cognitive Health? 

You are probably wondering, "is this little plant really capable of improving my brain's health and fighting off cognitive diseases?" The short answer is yes! Japanese knotweed has been shown to have positive effects on mental health and the ability to treat, limit, or even prevent cognitive diseases. It contains a substantial amount of resveratrol, which acts similarly to antioxidants and is commonly found in other foods such as red grapes. 

Resveratrol is a part of a compound group called polyphenols, which protect the body and brain from any damage that could lead to tragic cognitive disorders, cancer, and heart disease. The resveratrol content in Japanese Knotweed acts an energizer to your brain pathways, keeping them active and healthy while antioxidants eliminate any free radicals or plaque slowing your mental function. 

Does Knotweed Help Fight Any Other Diseases? 

Japanese Knotweed can be used for many things, not just to promote cognitive health. Resveratrol, also found in red wine, can also help prevent heart disease and other cardiovascular complications, such as high cholesterol, and even can play a part in maintaining a normal and healthy blood pressure. 

Resveratrol rich diets can impact, and even fix your stomach issues such as constipation, bloating, and cramps. The resveratrol found in Japanese Knotweed reduces gastrointestinal distress and also acts as a very mild laxative, which can help clear your system and get your digestive process back on track. 

Are There Any Risks?

Sticking to the recommended dosage of Japanese Knotweed is the safest way to consume this heroic herb. Excessive amounts can result in negative reactions, such as allergic reactions. So if you find that you are allergic to resveratrol, it is best to stay away from it. 
However, when used correctly and as intended, Japanese Knotweed can provide an array of health benefits.

Where Can I Get Japanese Knotweed?

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