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Nature Restore Jiaogulan health benefits

What you need to know about Jiaogulan (Gynostemma pentaphyllum)

What exactly is this odd-sounding herb, Jiaogulan? 

Glad you asked!

This little-known herb is perhaps one of nature's finest wellness adaptogens on the planet. It does wonders for the human body, so here's what you need to know about Jiaogulan.


Care For Your Mind and Body

  • Improve concentration and memory
  • Weight management
  • Reduce heart disease and cancer risk*
  • Regulate sleep and digestion*


Product Overview

Jiaogulan (Gynostemmapentaphyllum) is a climbing, perennial vine native to Asia.

Often referred to as the “immortality herb”, Nature Restore uses the mere leaves of this plant in a vegetarian capsule to deliver total health and wellness in one small capsule.

Benefits of this vitality-boosting plant range from a more immediate increased endurance to the lifelong surge in longevity.


How Jiaogulan Works

This astounding supplement works by using your body to its full potential. This is facilitated through increased production of the body’s naturally occurring antioxidants.

Jiaogulan is loaded with 82 different gypenosides, the chemical compounds that make this plant a health and wellness powerhouse.

Consuming just one 200mg capsule of Jiaogulan will cause the production of SOD (superoxide dismutase) to soar to new heights. SOD is your body’s very own antioxidant. Incorporate Jiaogulan to get the very most out of yourself and your life.



The gypenoside rich extracts derived from the Jiaogulan plant have been shown to reduce cholesterol and blood glucose levels. This trait is beneficial in fighting obesity and the risk of heart disease.

Actiponin, another gypenoside in Jiaogulan will not only assist in weight loss but will help to keep it off. A South Korean, double-blind study of obese adults challenged the plant’s anti-obesity properties.

However, the Jiaogulan group was shown to have a significant decrease in abdominal fat at the end of the 12-week trial. Incorporate Jiaogulan to make the most out of your weight loss journey.



Jiaogulan doesn’t neglect your mind. Studies have shown gypenosides improve symptoms of anxiety-related disorders and memory function.

Evidence also suggests that Jiaogulan can alleviate symptoms of other mental-related illnesses. In a study conducted on mice, Parkinson’s disease was mimicked through the creation of lesions. The mice exhibited clear signs of illness.

However, the introduction of gypenosides was shown to lessen the symptoms while improving memory and motor skills.


Other Benefits

Very Potent – 98% gypenosides

Supports Stress*

Single, All-Natural Ingredient – Zero Additives





* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.