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Alternative Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas – Your Ultimate Guide!

Alternative Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas – Your Ultimate Guide!

The most romantic day of the year is almost upon us, where we express our undying love for our partner(s) or even for an unassuming non-partner that we’d really like to couple up with.

On Valentine’s Day, red roses, chocolates and cute teddy bears are rife, but what if you wanted to do something a little bit different and outside of the chocolate heart box? We’ve got you covered - check out these alternative Valentines ideas!


1. Relax

Many of us like to eat out on Valentine’s Day, but this year, it falls on a Monday, which is a bit rubbish. So why not celebrate the day before, with a deliciously lazy Sunday morning breakfast in bed for your Beau. Make it even more special by arranging a brunch delivery. Just search for nearby eateries that deliver your favorite brunch essentials and you’re good to go!  


2. Sip

If they love their morning cup or they’re a committed coffee addict, treat them to a new special mug, along with some fancy loose-leaf tea or ethically grown coffee. Hot drink accessories are good, too. Think about tea strainers, tea caddies, coffee drippers and special milk frothers. Each time they make a cup, they’ll think of you and how much you understand them and their deep need for caffeine. 


3.  Grow

Instead of cut flowers, think a little bit more eco-friendly with some seed bombs or grow-your-own herbs. They can then either plant them in their own special area of the garden, or even better, go seed bombing together and scatter them in forgotten open or community spaces. When they begin to grow and bloom, it’ll be super romantic for you both!

4. Bake

Even if you’re not a baker, baking up something sweet shows commitment to the cause of loving someone (arguably more so if you’re not a natural baker!). So why not embrace the pinkness of the season with these super tasty, super cute Rose Shortbread Cookie Sandwiches. Serve them up with a hot drink in the morning, but don’t blame us for crumbs in the bed!


5. Listen

Remember the mix tapes of old? Being given one of those by an admirer was the ultimate in heart racing romance. Not many of us have a tape deck on hand anymore (or even a CD player) so use Spotify to create a playlist of all the songs that remind you of your times together with your Valentine. If your love is a music lover they will appreciate the time and effort you put into curating the perfect playlist just for them! 

6. Indulge

If you’ve both been at work all day (sigh, Mondays) then instead of diner, indulge in a chocolate fondue. Seek out a fondue set online or dust off the one you’ve had in the cupboard for years. Add a sprinkling of Nature Restore Dried Rose Flower Buds and a plate of fresh fruit and biscuits, and away you go for the evening! Our favorite way to Fondue? Marshmallow, chocolate, Freeze Dried Strawberry Powder, in that order. Trust us.