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Banishing the January Blues!

Banishing the January Blues!

Just like that, it’s 2022. If you’re wondering how on earth that came around so quickly, then we’re with you. Even a two-year global pandemic isn’t capable of slowing down the passage of time in our minds. 

The advent of a brand-new year inevitably brings with it the advent of a brand-new January, and that in turn often brings a case of the January blues. So if you’re feeling a bit, well, January, then here are some tips on banishing away the blues…

1. Get a natural mood boost

Make a point of spending some time outside, breathing in deep breaths of fresh air and appreciating your surroundings. Being in nature provides a natural mood boost. Even if you live in a bustling, urban area, Mother Nature is still around doing her business. Look for weeds growing in pavement cracks or look up high for birds nesting on rooftops. Even if it’s cold, windy, wet, or snowing outside, allocate 20 minutes to being outside each day. 

2. Do a winter activity

Find an outdoor ice rink, go skiing if it’s snowy, or embrace your inner child by cycling through dry leaves or splashing through puddles. You could be amazed by how freeing living like a youngster for a few minutes can be!

3. Book a vacation

Or, simply close your eyes and dream big of lying on a hot, sunny beach, happy and calm, with a cocktail or two in hand. Who knows what you’ll manifest?

4. Spend time with people that make you feel good

This could be a coffee date with your bestie, dinner and drinks with a group of friends, or popping by to visit an elderly relative. These days, meeting face to face isn’t always possible, so try the next best thing and organize a video call or an old-fashioned telephone catch up. 

5. Protect from winter bugs

Nothing adds to the January blues quite like all the winter bugs flying around at this time of year. Coughs, colds, and vomiting bugs are rife, so help to protect your immune system by eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. Aim for around half of each meal to consist of fresh produce. To help support things further, add a superfood to your regime. Nature Restore Elderberry Extract Supplements are packed with nutrients and antioxidants that help to protect the immune system. Or try our delicious Wild Harvested Acai Berry Powder, which can be added to smoothies for a beautifully colored, super tasty antioxidant burst. 

6. Be kind to yourself

Avoid the temptation to become a completely different person by crash dieting, giving up meat, giving up alcohol, or training for a marathon (or all four). Putting too much pressure on ourselves to change is damaging for our emotional wellbeing, and we should instead be kind to ourselves. By all means, makes small changes, but make sure they’re realistic and making you happy. 

You’ve got this, and guess what? It’ll soon be February!