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Natural Organic Watercolor Paints DIY

DIY Natural Watercolor Paints

You thought our powders were just for eating??? Well, have we got a surprise for you!!


Nature Restore DIY Recipes - homemade natural watercolor paints


Yes, we said it! We are taking "playing with your food" to a whole new level! No surprise, these natural pigments create a lovely array of earthy tones you will want to play with all day long!

“Why make your own paints” you may ask? Wouldn't it be nice to know your kids are painting with completely natural and non-toxic ingredients? No kids? What if the cat jumps up on the table or the pup gets into the paint water? With this watercolor recipe they could drink that nasty looking paint water if they wanted  (it may even be good for them!) Trust us from experience...the kids will WANT to drink the turmeric and spirulina tinted water!! (We hear the raspberry paint tasted pretty good too)

Natural paints like these have been used for ages, so why not give it a shot yourself!! Here are our recommendations to get you started:

For Liquid Paints


Nature Restore powder (s)



In a jar, combine the powder of your choice with water. Mix well.
Choose a brush, and paint! Simple as that!

For Solid Paints


Nature Restore powder (s)
Corn Starch


Mix 1 part cornstarch, 1 part powder, and just enough water to make a thick paste.
Place the paste in a mold of your choice (ice cube trays or mini muffin tins work well)
Put the filled mold in the freezer for 3-5 hours, or leave it out to dry (could take a few days depending on the weather)
Once dry (or frozen) use like any other solid watercolor palette!
Plus, paints can be stored in the freezer and re-used!

Here is a list of the powders we used and their resulting colors once the paint has dried!

Acai - Dark purple/ Grey
Raspberry - Grey/ Soft Blue
Strawberry & Dragon Fruit - Light red
Reishi - Brown
Chamomile crushed- Light Yellow/Green
Japanese Knotweed - Yellow Ochre
Celery - Light Green
Butterfly Pea - Multicolored
With water - Blue
With water + lime - Pink
With alkaline water - Green

kids painting with DIY natural watercolor paints using eatable ingredients.  

Don't be afraid to mix the colors to create your own perfect shade! Happy Painting!!