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5 Key Ways to Make Your Home Feel More Relaxing

5 Key Ways to Make Your Home Feel More Relaxing

Your home is your sanctuary from the world. So it's critical that when you walk inside you can feel relaxed and comfortable. 

Even Prince Harry and Meagan Markle wanted a more down to earth relaxed life. Not living in a palace where they can't be themselves. If they can do it, so can you! If your home makes you feel stressed or out of place then you may want to consider changing your home environment into a more restful and happy place. 

To accomplish this you don't have to move to another country or find someplace new to live. You can make changes in your current home that will let you, your family, and visitors to feel comfortable and relaxed when in your home.

Keep reading for ways to make your home environment more relaxing and tips for creating a more peaceful home.

Say Goodbye to the Mess

The quickest and easiest way to make your home more relaxing is to get rid of the clutter! Looking at a messy room adds stress and unease that is really not needed when you get home from a busy day. 

I know with a family or even just a pet it is hard to keep anything clean for longer than 10 minutes, but there are ways to lessen the damage! 

Try adding a few cute inexpensive baskets that can hide the toys, shoes or blankets that can pile up. They will still be where you need them, but out of sight and in their place. 

Also, how long has it been since you went through those drawers? or that overflowing bookshelf? Why not take a Saturday morning, make yourself a cup of coffee, and go through that bookshelf! Throw away old papers, donate the things you no longer need, and tidy up whatever is left! Not only will you feel so much better once its done, every time you see that wonderful clean shelf you'll get a little twinge of accomplishment! 

Warm Colors and Comfy Furniture

In contrast to the need to clean, you don't want to feel like you're walking into a museum or showroom where you can't sit on the furniture or put your feet up without ruining something.

You need space to relax and rest and enjoy each other's company, or just spending some important time off from the world with some self-care. Comfortable furniture to chill and binge your favorite Netflix or Disney Plus shows is crucial to being able to fully relax during your downtime.

Also, the colors that surround you can make a huge difference in mood and atmosphere. If you know a little about color psychology you can find the right hues for your home decor and paint colors that match your personality and the intended use of the room!


The scent in the air has the power to change how someone is feeling or what mood they are in. Aromatherapy has become a growing trend that has been proven to offer many benefits. 

Beyond making your home smell good and your guests wonder what you're baking, aromatherapy is believed to improve mental and physical health in many ways! Get yourself some new candles, or scent diffusers to fill your home with your favorite scents! 

Conversely, a bad smell or stale odor in the room can actually cause mood swings, tension, anxiety, and even increase feelings of depression. 

Sometimes all it takes is an open window and a nice fresh smelling candle to change your mood! 


Lighting can make all the difference in your mood and your ability to relax in your home. A place that is too dark during the day, or too bright when trying to relax can lead to unneeded tension. It can cause headaches and potential disruptions in sleep.

We don't all have the luxury of large bright windows for natural light or darkness when we are trying to sleep, but there are ways to fake it for the sake of your mental health. 

If you have a street light shining through your window at night, maybe blackout shades are what you need! Not enough natural light? Add some lamps for some soft diffused light wherever you are lacking. The simple addition or removal of light in the right places can help to increase your contentment and improve your health. 

You sleep better, perform tasks more efficiently, and rest your mind and eyes by creating a warm and properly lit environment.

Get a Plant

Studies have found that having plants in your home help to boost your mood, increase productivity, and enhance creativity! People also report being less stressed at home when they have house plants. 

Even more, plants help to clean the air! Who doesn't want better air quality in their home? NASA even created a list of the best air-cleaning plants for this reason! 

Plants are also visually appealing, making them the perfect decor addition! If you are worried about not having enough light, or just don't have a green thumb start with a Snake Plant, a ZZ Plant, or Pothos. They are very low maintenance but can add a big benefit to your home!  

The Most Comfortable Home Environment Possible

No matter where you live or what your home environment is like, it is possible to make it into your own little piece of heaven where you can relax and retreat from the rest of the world.

Keeping your home free of clutter, choosing the right colors, aroma, light, and plants can turn you into a regular homebody!

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