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5 health benefits of lavender flowers

Flower Power: 5 Powerful Benefits of the Lavender Flower

The earliest documented use of lavender was by the Romans in 77 A.D., but it's believed that this powerful flower was used in ancient Egypt centuries before that.

And it's no wonder. Lavender is a flower that gives and gives and gives. Its beautiful purple color, its delicate shape, and its relaxing scent are just the beginning.

With a rich history and a variety of uses, the potential benefits of lavender are nearly endless.

Whether you drink it as a tea or add it to your bath, incorporating lavender flower into your health and wellness routine can have many benefits!

5 Benefits of the Lavender Flower

Lavender has been used historically for everything from encouraging healthy digestion to repelling pesky insects. Here we'll take a look at five of the lavender health benefits that you need to know about.

1. Hair Growth

One of the potential benefits of lavender is the ability to stimulate hair growth. The scientific inquiry into lavender's ability to help grow hair is still in its infancy. Some people believe that lavender helps hair grow faster and thicker.

A popular way to apply lavender to your hair is by using lavender water. You can make lavender water at home by boiling water and steeping fresh or dried lavender for 4-8 hours.

2. Skincare

Lavender is believed to have anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. For this reason, some people use lavender as a part of their skincare routine.

Because lavender can kill bacteria, many people use it to prevent and heal acne.

Lavender water can also be applied to the skin as a part of your skincare routine. If you're applying lavender oil topically, it's important to dilute it. A common carrier oil to mix with lavender oil is coconut oil.

It's important to note that lavender oil can irritate some people's skin. It's advisable to try it out on a small patch of skin before applying it to your face or larger portions of your body.

3. Anti-Anxiety

In addition to helping you look your best, lavender might be able to help you calm down, too. If you've ever smelled the sweet, soothing smell of lavender, that's probably not too hard for you to believe.

To be clear, there are a lot of scientific studies that still need to happen regarding this and other lavender health benefits. But anecdotally, there are a lot of people that believe lavender is anxiolytic and use it to reduce anxiety.

4. Sleep

Since so many people swear by the anxiety-reducing and calming effects of lavender, it makes sense that it might help you sleep better, too.

Several small studies have been conducted that suggest lavender may fight insomnia and promote sleep.

5. Menstrual Pain

It's possible that one of the lavender health benefits is alleviating pain. Suffering from menstrual cramps can affect your ability to carry on with normal day-to-day activities.

In one triple-blind randomized clinical trial, it was found that lavender inhalation had a positive effect on reducing the severity of pain in a group of women with dysmenorrhea.

The Lavender Flower: What's Not to Love?

There are so many lavender benefits that I couldn't fit them all in this brief list. Lavender flower equals lavender power!

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