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5 Skincare Tips for Healthy Skin During Spring Months

5 Skincare Tips for Healthy Skin During Spring Months

Did you know that many Americans complain that they get winter skin syndrome during the cold months of the year?

By the time spring comes around, you need to find new ways to keep your skin healthy as everything warms up. Say goodbye to your winter look for a fresher you.

Every season has different skin obstacles. Check out our skincare tips for dealing with your skin in spring. Let's get started!

1. Exfoliate Your Dry Skin

When your skin is always exposed to the cold and wintry air, you'll naturally develop dry and flaky skin.

You need to ensure that you exfoliate your skin regularly during the spring to overcome your dryness and reveal fresh skin.

Make sure you buy a facial exfoliator. Don't be too harsh with touching up your skin for spring.

Staying gentle with your cleansing is important to ensure you continue to enjoy glowing skin for longer.

2. Use a Lighter Moisturizer to Keep Your Skin Healthy 

The three of four people who suffer from dry skin during the winter may breathe a sigh of relief when spring arrives.

However, this doesn't mean that you should stop moisturizing your skin as the warmer weather sets in.  

You need to swap your thick winter moisturizer for a lighter one. Your skin may not be as dry in the spring. 

But, you still need to protect your skin from the weather. With a sun protection factor (SPF) cream, you'll be able to shield your skin from sun damage.


3. Staying Hydrated With Plenty of Water

Over 80 percent of working Americans say that they don't drink enough water. It's so easy to forget that you need to keep yourself hydrated.

When the weather is warmer, you need to be extra careful that you're remembering to drink lots of H2O. Dehydration can lead to numerous short- and long-term health problems.


4. Refresh Your Skin With a Sheet Mask 

We have Korea to thank for the moisturizing and refreshing sheet mask. Usually part of a 9-step skincare routine, the sheet mask is number seven, after night serum. 

A sheet mask is one of the most luxurious skincare tips to try out at home. Simply remove the packaging, layer it on your face, and giggle at how ridiculous you look!

Then, sit back and relax for twenty minutes. For extra pore cleansing action, try putting your sheet mask in the refrigerator for a few hours before you use it.


5. Switch Up Your Makeup Collection

Your color palette shouldn't be the same in winter as it is in spring and summer. Your clothes aren't the same - why should your makeup be?

Making sure you brighten up your makeup collection with pastel colors or lighter shades of your favorite colors helps to freshen up your look.

Spring is also a time to de-clutter. Throw away any make-up you haven't used in months and remind yourself what you have.

While you're at it, clean your make-up brushes and beauty blenders. You don't want grime is lurking on those.

Spring Skincare Tips 

Now you know how to improve your skincare routine during spring. Say goodbye to the winter blues, your spring skincare tips will help you welcome the warmer weather.

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