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11 ways to be productive at home - woman meditating

Feeling Stir-Crazy? 11 Simple, Productive Activities to Do at Home

Did you know that the average human attention span is about 8 seconds?

That is a very short time frame in which we must find something to keep our minds active and productive. 

Being stuck at home with nothing to do will surely drive anyone a little over the edge, it's hard to stay attentive and productive.

Keep reading to hear some of our suggestions for productive activities you can practice in the comfort of your own home!

Cooking at Home

Finding things to do while stuck at home can lead to a lot of unnecessary snacking and bad eating but cooking healthy meals at home is the perfect solution to this problem.

Since you'll already be home, taking the time to learn some new recipes will help you bond with your loved ones, make some great food, and save you money in the long run.

Working Out at Home

Staying productive also means staying active and while being stuck at home might mean a trip to the gym is off-limits, going for a walk or doing some at-home workouts is a great alternative.

Finding some yoga instructional videos on YouTube or doing some exercises in your own backyard will not only get you moving but will get you out in the fresh air as well, something that will definitely keep you sane during your time at home. 

Doing Some Yard Work

Busy schedules always keep you from working on that garden you've always said you wanted to work on, so now's a perfect time! Yard work will not only keep you busy while at home but it'll keep you moving and out in nature, good for your mind and your body.

No yard? Bring on the houseplants! You can order an herb garden kit online and start yourself a little garden from the safety of your own home! Just set it up. by a window and each day watch it grow! The best thing there is at the end you will have some lovely home-grown fresh herbs to add to your meals! 


Staying at home for long periods of time can definitely lead to some cabin fever.

Meditation is a great way to ease that stress. Practicing some breathing exercises and calming your mind for even a few minutes every day will help keep you sane so that you can continue being productive each day.

Reorganizing Your Workspace 

Your environment influences your attitude and levels of productivity and being stuck at home is a perfect opportunity to reorganize the space around you to shift your perspective and open your mind up to be more productive. 

Learning a New Skill

When looking for how to be productive at home what's better than learning a new skill to keep that brain at work.

Whether you take a stab at learning a new language or something that will help you later on in your career, learning a new skill is a perfect way to practice productivity from home.

All you really need is a computer and your mind!

Doing Something Artistic

Art is good for the mind and the soul and there are a ton of activities to do at home that are considered artistic.

Even if you don't consider yourself an artist, doing something creative while confined to your home will challenge you and keep you busy. Whether you decide to write some poetry, paint, play an instrument or do some dancing, there are lots of ways to be creative while staying home. 

Taking on a DIY Project

DIY projects can be a huge undertaking but can also be a lot of fun, especially when you have a lot of downtime. The list of things you can create or fix around your home is endless!


What's more productive than reading? With some free time and looking for things to do at home, reading is a great choice. It can be a relaxing activity while keeping your brain active and engaged. 


Being stuck at home can make the days drag on but journaling is a great way to keep your mind busy and write down your feelings and accomplishments of the day. 

Productive Activities Include Being Unproductive 

Being productive also means taking the time to rest and reset.

Even if just one day a week, it's okay to take some time to do nothing. You can nap all day or binge-watch your favorite show. That way you'll be ready to take on the next day fully charged! 

These Activities Will Keep You Healthy and Happy

Being stuck at home is not fun for anyone but practicing some of the productive activities mentioned above will engage your mind and keep you moving.

Check out some of our other ideas for staying productive and healthy!