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Halloween Party Guide - Halloween cutout sugar cookies

How to Throw a Healthy Halloween Party

Halloween is one of the most favorited holidays. In fact, among Millennials, Halloween is only second to Christmas.

One of the best parts about Halloween is the ability to celebrate it throughout adulthood. Let’s face it—nothing beats a good Halloween party!

While the holiday is often associated with alcohol and candy, that’s not your only option. There are many ways you can put a healthy twist on your party, so you have a blast without breaking your diet.

Do you want to know more? Keep reading to learn how to throw a Halloween party that's both fun and healthy.

Go with Themed Snacks

No party is complete without a few good snacks! This is also where you’ll want to focus most of your energy on. You want to serve food that’s healthy but also fun, so none of your guests feel disappointed.

Consider making themed-snacks, such as peeling oranges and placing a small piece of celery in the middle so they look like pumpkins. Another fun idea is to make witch brooms by inserting a pretzel stick into a cylindrical shaped piece of cheese.

If you want some absurd comedy, or to bring in the "gross" factor, carve a pumpkin to look like it’s vomiting. Then place a bowl of homemade green hummus in front of it to look like it’s coming out of the pumpkin’s mouth. Place a veggie tray next to it, and you have a fun way to serve veggies and dip!

If you're not looking to go that direction, you can also put some greek yogurt in a piping bag and draw a spider web on top of the hummus, fashion with a few olive spiders and you're all set! 

We know Halloween is all about the sweets, and we are not saying get rid of them completely! just look for ways to make healthier versions like spooky cookies with limited refined sugars, or healthy brownies with adaptogenic reishi powder! You can also provide healthier alternatives to classic Halloween treats, like healthy poison apples instead of caramel apples. 

Health-up your Beverage Options

Alcohol is often a vital part of adult parties. But too much can be bad for your health.

We know most of you aren't interested in ditching the alcohol altogether, so instead, you can either limit how much you serve, or choose a healthier drink for your guests!

Instead of leaving an open bar of hard alcohol out for your guests, opt for a few bottles of red wine and consider making a fall-inspired mixed drink like apple cider sangria or a spooky Raspberry Tonic. You can then go easy on the alcohol content, so your guests can take multiple servings without going overboard and still feel the spooky party vibes!

Provide Plenty of Entertainment

To host a successful party it’s also important to provide plenty of entertainment options. Depending on your group, guests may feel a bit shy, so you’ll want to think of things that will get everyone up and mingling.

The most timeless (and healthy) party entertainment is dancing! Consider clearing out room in your home and creating a fun Halloween playlist to get everyone up and moving. Turning off the lights. or replacing the bulbs of your lamps in this room with colored bulbs can also help to set the mood. 

You can also set up a costume contest or pumpkin painting contest. Let your guests vote on their favorite and give the winner a trophy from your local Halloween store or a gift card to a healthy restaurant.

How to Throw a Halloween Party

You don’t need junk food and tons of booze to host an unforgettable party. Instead, follow the guide above to learn how to throw a Halloween party that's both healthy and fun.

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