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Mindfullness methods for everyone - time to relax

A Moment Away From the Madness: Mindfulness Techniques for Beating Everyday Stress

According to a 2017 study of federal health data, circa 8.3 million American adults suffer from serious psychological distress. That is about 3.4 percent of the US population.

The number of people suffering from lesser forms of “stress” is many. Many times greater. It seems in the hectic lifestyles of the 21st Century, we are forgetting how to pay enough attention to our personal wellbeing.

For health and happiness, it is essential to know how to relax. Here are some mindfulness techniques to beat everyday stress.

Learn How to Relax with Breathing Techniques

With the right breathing techniques, you can calm your brain and body and therefore reduce stress levels in just a few minutes.  The best thing about breathing techniques is you can do them anytime, anywhere.

There are various types of breathing exercises, so it is a case of experimentation until you find those that work best and fastest for you. There are belly breathing exercises, nasal breathing, and chest breathing exercises.

Escape Stress with Meditation

Meditation has been a way to reduce stress for centuries. If you can learn how to relax your mind with meditation you can not only learn to calm anxiety but also look forward to better control over your emotions.

Meditation is a literal escape from the world. People describe it as washing the cares and worries away. It can’t actually do this because you need to tackle the causes of stress not just escape from them for a while, but meditation can put you in a better mindset to tackle the causes.

Improve Your Diet with Supplements

Your entire lifestyle contributes to how much stress you feel and have to deal with and that includes your diet. A healthy, balanced diet is not only essential for physical health but also mental health. It is important to avoid emotional or stress eating although that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a treat once in a while.

Ensure you eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables and lean protein. There are also foods known to boost your mood.

If you are unsure you are eating well, you can supplement your diet with suitable foods. Learn about the so-called superfoods and incorporate them regularly in your meals. Our superfood powders are an excellent and easy way of getting beneficial supplements into your diet.

Commune with Nature

Many exponents of stress management proclaim that getting outdoors is one of the best calming techniques. Simplistically, it is getting away from stress triggers at work or in the home to a place where there is nothing to do but relax.  But, a walk in your local park or woods has more benefits than just escaping for a while.

For example, way too many people spend far too much time indoors and this means they are not getting as much Vitamin D as they need from sunlight.

Be Distracted By Something You Enjoy

It doesn’t matter if it is building model airplanes, knitting, or gardening, hobbies are fun and beneficial for stress relief. Certain hobbies have a meditative effect which means participating in something you enjoy doing can reduce stress and anxiety.  For example, there has been a growth in adult coloring for stress relief. It is easy to do and accessible to everyone.

Just remember:

The first thing about stress relief is knowing you need to address it in the first place. When you feel stressed, knowing how to relax your mind is vital.

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