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Nature Restore Organic strawberry powder recipe

National Strawberry Parfait Day

June 25 is National Strawberry Parfait Day!!

 Parfait is French for perfect, which as we all know is a very fitting title for this tasty dish.  The traditional parfait is a dessert of frozen custard layered in a tall glass stemmed glass with fruit and topped with whipped cream. A very fancy dessert indeed.


When we think of parfaits today, the custard is replaced by yogurt with layers of granola and fresh fruit. It has transformed from fancy dessert to casual breakfast with all kinds of delicious variations.


As June is the season for strawberries, we have put together a quick [vegan] recipe that everyone can enjoy!




1 cup plain yogurt of your choice (we used So Delicious coconut yogurt)
½ tsp honey or agave (optional)
¼ cup granola
¼ cup diced strawberries


vegan strawberry parfait recipe 


Mix together ½ yogurt, strawberry powder, and honey (if using).
Prepare a jar or cup.
The rest will be a product of your creativity!


Here is what we did for inspiration:

strawberry mixture - plain yogurt - strawberries - granola - plain yogurt - strawberry mixture - and lastly top with granola and more strawberries as you desire!


Happy making!!