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  • How will you celebrate this year’s World Vegetarian Day?

    Friday 1st October 2021 marks World Vegetarian Day, where organizers encourage us all to be vegetarian for the day, regardless of whether we regularly eat meat or not. First established by the North American Vegetarian Society way back in 1977, it’s now a global movement that highlights the benef... View Post
  • Ready for autumn? Here’s how to keep your motivation going

    Now that the kids are back to school and the days are becoming shorter, it can be easy to slip into hibernation mode. The darker mornings, earlier nightfall and chillier weather have a habit of making us want to curl up inside in front of the TV and crave comfort foods and carbs. The impact of be... View Post
  • Immune Health Basics: Healthy Ways to Boost Your Immune System

    Your body's immune system is a bit like your own personal army. It’s made up of a complex collection of proteins and cells distributed throughout the body to fight off viruses, infections, and other threats. More importantly, the immune system can remember these intruders and recognize them later, allowing it to fight them even more efficiently.  View Post