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5 Unique Valentine's Day Gifts She'll Love

5 Unique Valentine's Day Gifts She'll Love

The gift you buy for the woman in your life depends on many different things. Each woman is unique and has her particular likes and dislikes, making gift buying a very personalized task. What is universal is the appreciation each woman feels when you acknowledge her for being a special part of your life.

If you're on the receiving end of Valentine's Day gifts, remember that a lot of thought often goes into the choosing of the token of love given to you. And it's no wonder, for the choice of available gifts is mind-boggling. It takes a lot of time to browse through everything before your admirer finds the perfect gift they are certain you will love.

Practical, Pretty, or Pretty Clever?

You know the classic downer: receiving a Valentine's gift that isn't really for you. It's either "something for the home", or worse, a power tool that you—the one receiving the gift—will never use.

The secret to giving good gifts is knowing the recipient well - or at least knowing them well enough to buy something that you're certain they will like.

1. Simple and Good-looking

Our first pick for the tea or coffee-lover is the durable Chemex Glass Coffeemaker. Its simple design and bamboo collar make it an elegant item for the kitchen countertop or breakfast table. Its non-porous borosilicate glass is perfect for brewing herb teas too.

As a sensible "extra" for the gift, you could also buy some filter papers or, indeed, some choice coffee or herb tea, or Stevia leaf extract powder, the natural sugar alternative.

2. Valentine's Day Gifts within Gifts

As with any gift that is a container, such as fancy glasses for shared fruit juices or smoothies, you can fill it with smaller things. Things such as heart-shaped chocolates, dried fruits and nuts, or a love poem on a rolled-up piece of scented paper.

If poetry isn't within your range of capabilities, you could always give a selection of delicious red plant-based organic superfood powders. Remember to add a flourish or two with the wrapping and the ribbon. Half the pleasure of a gift lies in opening it and discover what lies within.

3. The Personal But Practical Touch

Following on from the idea of one gift revealing another, a set of matching soft, fluffy bath towels (in your beloved's favorite color!) wrapped around sweet-smelling aromatherapy oils, some tea candles, incense or even special body creams and perfume. For the ultra-savvy touch, launder the towels before presenting the gift so that they are ready to use straight away.

4. Bookworms

If the woman you love loves reading and also has naturally long eyelashes, the chances are that her glasses need cleaning frequently.  What more thoughtful gift than a Peeps eyeglass cleaner that cleans both sides of the lens at once, and is small enough to carry in a purse?

Of course, this should not be the only gift you offer your valentine, but you could pair it with another unique gift. Have you thought of an organic hemp backpack or cotton bag containing that book she's been hankering after?

5. Remember the Card – and the Timing

Cards can come in all shapes, sizes,  and formats – from lovingly composed text messages and graphics sent first thing in the morning to an actual snail-mail card sent in advance to arrive in the post on February 13 or 14.

The Best Gifts of Love

The best gift for Valentine's Day is you, preferably over a shared meal or outing that you know she'll love. And that's the perfect moment to shower her with the Valentine's Day gifts you have so carefully chosen especially for her.

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