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Supporting Your Skin from the Inside with Verbasnol™

When we think of skin products that support healthy, plump, youthful skin, we usually think about creams, lotions, and serums that we apply directly to the skin. We generally don’t think of taking a supplement to do all the same things.

But what if we could? What if we could take a supplement that nourished the skin from the inside? SmarterSkin is an antioxidant-packed skin supplement that helps to detox and protect the skin from harsh environmental factors.

Protecting Skin at a Cellular Level

SmarterSkin contains Verbasnol, a proprietary antioxidant ingredient that helps to protect the skin deep within the skin cells from free radical damage. Free radicals are unstable elements that can damage cells and DNA and lead to premature aging.

Verbasnol™ contains a unique and natural botanical called Rehmannia glutinosa. The Rehmannia glutinosa plant is a stalwart of Traditional Chinese Medicine and has been used medicinally for generations.

But this plant has now revealed a new potential – as a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent, and of extreme interest, the ability to support skin health.

Rehmannia glutinosa has previously been used to help treat eczema and other dermatitis-like skin conditions. But now it’s skin cleansing and brightening properties are being used to their advantage with SmarterSkin.

The Rehmannia glutinosa plant contains an active compound called Verbascoside. Verbascoside has shown the ability to defend against sun damage meaning that it has effective and natural anti-aging properties. Some studies suggest that Verbascoside could have a sun protection factor of higher than 15.

This, along with its antioxidant prowess means that it could protect the skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun as well as repair and regenerate cells damaged by UV radiation. UV damage can also cause ‘sun spots’, areas of skin that have become hyperpigmented or darkened. Verbascoside has shown the potential to lighten and brighten these areas of skin discoloration.


Smarter Skin beauty from within suplement


Supporting the Role of Collagen

Verbasnol has also proven in research to reduce the activity of an enzyme called collagenase. This enzyme breaks down the bonds that hold collagen molecules together.

Collagen is a protein that is responsible for keeping the skin plump and free from fine lines and wrinkles and therefore more youthful. It acts as a scaffold for the upper layers of skin, preventing them from sagging and drooping downwards causing wrinkles.

As we age, we lose our natural levels of collagen due in part to the activity of collagenase. Reducing the activity of collagenase helps to support higher levels of collagen longer and maintain more youthful skin.

Verbasnol – the Ideal Skin Agent

Verbasnol is an anti-aging, skin brightening, hyperpigmentation correcting, collagen boosting, antioxidant ingredient that also protects the skin from the harshness of the sun.

We think that makes it the perfect ingredient for SmarterSkin!  You too could be enjoying the benefits of Verbasnol™ by trying adding SmarterSkin™ to your beauty regimen!