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Natural Tye Dye DIY

DIY Natural Tie-Dye

I don't know about you, but for me, one of the BEST ways to spend a summer day is a good DIY project!! This time around we decided to get or hands dirty (literally) and play with some natural dyes!! 

Go gather a close group of friends, or get ready for some fun quality time with the kiddos and family. What's not to like?! Plus, depending on what your weather looks like this is equally as fun set up at your local park for a picnic/ DIY party, or safely inside an air-conditioned home. We set up shop out on the patio and it was just about perfect! 

For this DIY experiment, we chose to use Pine Bark for a really pretty light red/brown color. Super neutral and natural and looks really beautiful with all kinds of colors. 

You can find a few folding patterns here, or just wing it and have a little fun!


Shibori tie dye Pine Bark



Natural Fabric 
Large Bowl or Pot 
Wooden Spoon
White vinegar
Rubber bands
Popsicle sticks
Binder clips/ clothespins
Cardboard or wood blocks
Rubber gloves


Cut fabric to your desired size.

Soak the fabric in water (optional add 1 tbsp white vinegar to help hold the dye) and ring out to prepare the fabric. 

In a large bowl or pot, add ¼ cup of Pine Bark to 4 cups of hot water (or equivalent for larget amounts of fabric). You can add more for a deeper color. 

Either tie the fabric in your favorite pattern or if you choose to dip dye, place one end of the fabric into the Pine Bark dye and allow it to soak up, ringing out the dye as you remove the fabric. 

Submerge the tied fabric into your dye mixture. Let sit in water for up to 30 mins. Stir the fabric lightly with a wooden spoon, or flip as needed if not fully submerged. 

If still hot from the dye bath, let your tied fabric cool before unwrapping.  Ring out as much as possible before unwrapping to not spread the dye. 

Rinse with clean water until it runs clear. Color depth will vary depending on the type of fabric used, time in dye, and how much pine bark us used in the dye. 
Hang to dry! 
We made both napkin size and larger table runner size! You can also frame them and use them as art in your home (in which case you can skip the rinse and allow the colors to remain more vibrant). Or make a cute bandana for your pup! Just measure out your fabric to fit your dog before you start the tie-dye process. (Isn't Radar a wonderful model!) 
DIY Dog Bandana
Whatever you choose these are a fun homemade activity that is enjoyable for all and results in completely unique accents to add to your home!  We hope you enjoy this project as much as we did!! 
Natural tie dye table runner with Pine Bark from Nature Restore
If you try this at home be sure to tag @nature.restore in your Instagram post so we can see how it turns out!! Happy day to you all!