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Holiday Gift Guide for Him and Her

The Only Holiday Gift Guide You Need!!

Holiday gift ideas for every type of person

Don’t let deciding what gifts to buy ruin your holiday season – let us do the hard work for you!

The Techie Fitness Fan

Tech and fit Gift Ideas for Him or Her

If your favorite gadget geek also happens to be a health nut, you’re in luck. We are in the age of the fitness tracker and you’ll find them to suit all budgets.

Not interested in that, you could treat them to a new way of listening to their music on-the-go. If they’re an Apple fan, AirPods are actually powered by magic as they stay in the ears even on the toughest trail, run or climb. If Apple doesn’t float their boat, perhaps these wireless buds from Sennheiser will!


The Foodie

cold brew lover gift ideas for christmas

Ah foodies, always willing to try anything and so easy to buy for! Help them along with their morning cup of Joe with an OXO Good Grips Cold Brew Coffee Maker.

Alternatively, you could treat your fave foodie to a delicious gift basket of edible goodies. They’ll last well into January, once the decorations have been put away and everything’s back to normal – talk about the gift that keeps on giving!


The Party Animal

Christmas gift ideas for life of the party

Everyone knows that someone who’s the life and soul of any party. Get glam and get them a fab new set of champagne flutes with a bottle of fizz to get the party started!! Salty snacks go well with bubbly, so create your own basket with a selection of salted nuts, chips, and pretzels!

You wouldn’t be a friend though if you didn’t also think of the morning after. Pop a packet of liver cleansing organic milk thistle in too, and you’ll be everyone’s best friend!


The Gardener

gardening gift ideas for the plant lover

Your gardening guru will love these handmade gardening tools. Made using traditional blacksmithing techniques, solid steel rivets, and American black walnut, they’ll last a lifetime and can even be passed down the generations!

If you’re looking for something less pricey, why not make them up a little box of different seeds they can plant throughout the coming year? If they usually plant flowers, you could tempt them down a new path with seeds to start their own veggie patch. Who knows, you might get invited to dinner at harvesting time…


The Book Worm

book worm gift ideas

Actual real-life books are on the rise again, and they’re starting to see off their eReader cousins as people are starting to favor actual page turning again.

Pay a visit to your local bookstore and see what’s new and exciting. Look for local history books or the latest from your giftee’s favorite author. If you want to be planet-friendly, head to your nearest second-hand book dealer where you’ll find preloved, bargains galore! Maybe even some vintage piece they will cherish even more! 


The Vegan

Nature Restore Pomegranate and Strawberry powders - holiday gift ideas for vegans

OK, so I’m guessing your vegan pals wouldn’t like to appear on a list that defines them by what they eat, but as more and more of us choose a plant-based lifestyle the options here are vast.

There’s nothing more nutritious than a morning smoothie, and your health-, animal- and planet-conscious loved one can pimp theirs up to no end with our organic fruit, veggie and root superfood powders


The Traditionalist

sustainable gift ideas

Reduce your plastic consumption this year by treating traditionalists to something made with wood… Or bamboo, to be precise. Reusable bamboo straws, cutlery, lunch boxes, and coffee cups are everywhere now and give a modern twist to traditional wooden gifts of Victorian times!

Happy gift buying!