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Celebrating “Back to School” with a healthy immune system

Celebrating “Back to School” with a healthy immune system

And just like that, in the blink of an eye, we’re talking about Autumn, and going back to school. This time of year always makes us think of the excitement of smart new pencil cases, shiny new shoes (that gave us blisters) and new uniforms that were slightly too big (that hopefully fitted us by the return to school after the holidays). 

But this time of year also brings with it coughs, colds, and other nasties that can bring us down and dampen our new season plans.

So we thought we’d combine that back-to-school feeling with ways of protecting our health now that the cooler months are on their way. Here’s how!


1. Eat the rainbow

Make sure you’re cooking up the rainbow to help support the immune systems of you and your family. Eating a wide variety of differently colored fruits and vegetables means that you’ll be consuming a broad range of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that help to support good immunity. This will give you all the best chance of fighting off the bugs that do come your way.


2. Supercharge with superfoods

If in doubt, supercharge your day with a sprinkle of antioxidants on your breakfast granola, porridge, fruit and yogurt or smoothie. Acai Berry powder adds a pleasant purple hue or why not go pink with Dragon Fruit powder or blue with Butterfly Pea powder? Why not dress up your Buddha bowls with all three and have an Insta ready brekkie?!


3. Make room for mushrooms

Make like the Autumnal colors of browns and burnt oranges and eat mushrooms, too. By this, we mean functional mushrooms that have superfood powers due to their impressive nutritional profiles. Functional mushroom powders such as Reishi powder and Cordyceps powder have been used in traditional medicinal practices for generations – it’s only now that the rest of the world is catching up. Reishi mushrooms pair well with hot chocolates and coffees and help to support immunity, energy levels, and mood. Cordyceps is ideally added to smoothies or lattes for an immune-supporting boost.


4. Go on walks

Wrap up warm, but don’t ignore the power of fresh air for good all-around physical and emotional health. Perhaps if the coronavirus pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that being outside, or at least inside with open windows for good airflow, is beneficial. Cold and flu viruses don’t transmit as easily outdoors, so try to get regular walks and time outside in nature. Just dress appropriately for the season with warmer layers and waterproofs if you need them.


5. Wash your hands

Another thing we’ve learned from the pandemic is that hand washing is one of the most useful things we can do to help protect ourselves from transmissible illnesses. So don’t forget to keep washing your hands regularly to help stop the spread of bacteria and viruses.


Finally, go get those shiny new shoes and have fun in them!