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7 Skin Health Tips For Women

7 Skin Health Tips For Women

Sara's Top Tips for Women Looking to Keep an Edge on Skin Health Longevity

Mother of two children, office manager, and wedding planner extraordinaire


Skin care tips from a healthy mom


  1. Hydrate - We probably couldn’t say it enough, but we all need to drink more water. Our skin is more elastic and full when we consume a healthy amount of water.
  2. Use proper sunscreen - Ladies, when we’re outside we are constantly exposed to harsh UV rays - even when it’s cloudy out! In fact, those overcast days can be some of the harshest when it comes to developing a pesky sunburn. Take it from us, use a topical sunscreen with at least 15 SPF; we recommend 30 SPF.
  3. Exfoliate - Nothing says “Ahhhhhh” like a gentle exfoliant on the skin. Our skin regenerates consistently, so it’s nice to give it a little love when it comes to the scrub-a-dub-dub.
  4. Know your skin type - We all have skin, but we’re all unique in some way. Some of us have dry skin, some of us have what may be considered normal skin, and others may experience a more oily complexion. This will determine the types of moisturizers, facial wash, and makeup that work for you.
  5. About that makeup - I know, I know… we all want to look fabulous 24/7. Some of us never wear makeup, some of us only on special occasions, and some wear it on the daily. Whatever you choose, make sure to give your face some time to breathe for the overall health of your skin.
  6. Eat clean - A diet full of colorful vegetables and fruit along with healthy fats and grass fed/free range meat can make a big difference to our complexion. Better diet = healthier looking skin! It’s really that simple.
  7. Sleep - When we sleep, our skin repairs and renews, leading to that fresh-faced look. We all know what our under eyes look like when we’ve had a bad night’s sleep!


Sara encourages us that skin health is more than what’s on the outside. What happens on the inside is even more important to experience optimal health.

When you get past the early 30s mark, your skin is no longer a blank canvas.

And that’s completely okay! You’ve become wiser, you’ve lived more life. Life is more settled around your routines, habits, beliefs, what’s important, and more.

The fact of the matter is that this timeframe is critical to beginning proactive skin health routines if you haven’t already.  

Sara discovered a new way to approach skin health that she didn’t even know about.

“When it comes to taking care of our skin, there are so many things we do, especially in terms of the external day-to-day. I don’t believe we should be slaves to a multitude of creams, 12 layers of makeup, and walking around with an umbrella whenever it’s sunny outside,” says Sara, who’s been researching how to have comprehensive skin health from a 360-degree perspective.  

That’s when she discovered SmarterSkin created by Nature Restore, a health & wellness brand.

“I’ve always known it’s super important to get an abundance of antioxidants in my diet. And to be completely transparent, it can be tough when you’re a mom with two energetic kids that really take the energy out of you every day of the week (I love them for it!),” shares Sara.


skin health tips for moms


I’m finding myself in that place of forgetting to carve out the time to really seek out those essential antioxidants that are important for health overall - especially for skin health. I’m spending that energy taking care of my kids. They’re my world! But yes, mama needs some self-care too.”

Sara dove into the research behind SmarterSkin and noticed she was coming upon a supplement that was targeting the key areas she was concerned about.

“As I shared, I’ve really been looking for a way to up my antioxidants, and SmarterSkin provides a highly potent plant-based antioxidant, Verbasnol, which is a special extract derived from the Rehmannia glutinosa plant and is known in a number of research studies to provide a 27,000 ORAC value in one single serving. SmarterSkin™ also contains a red fern extract called Polypodium leucotomos. Compare that to say, a cup of wild blueberries that offers only 10,000 ORAC value. I personally find that valuable when it comes to a supplement’s potency.”

The only thing Sara regrets since stumbling across SmarterSkin is not knowing about it sooner.


Nature Restore SmarterSkin skin care supplements


“I wish I would have taken more proactive steps when I was in my mid-20s. I believe approaching the topic of skin health needs to be proactive. It’s okay if you’re 35, 45, and even 60+. We ALL deserve the best skin health at any stage of life and it’s never too late to live our best lives!”

This makes sense, especially considering that most of us in today’s society carry our smartphones around day and night.

Frequent exposure to blue light can really take a toll on our eyes. When we’re on our tablets browsing photos on social media, pinning our favorite recipes and DIY discoveries, reading the latest headlines and how-to articles to give us an edge in life. We’re forgetting that our eyes are exposed to the elements and act as a skin barrier, too.

Our eyes can't filter blue light on their own and overexposure may lead to poor vision over an extended period of time. We’re just now truly learning about the long-term effects of digital eye strain.

To counter this common problem, Nature Restore includes a key ingredient in SmarterSkin™ called FloraGLO® Lutein. Lutein is a carotenoid vitamin (also known as the ‘eye’ vitamin).


Field of marigold flowers - marigold extract for skincare


SmarterSkin’s Lutein is derived from the marigold flower that delivers a dose of beneficial vitamins.

All in all Nature Restore went to incredible lengths to formulate the product. The scientific advisor who helped formulate it went with full maximum dosing with lutein 20mg, polypodium 480mg, and verbascoside (as Verbasnol™) at 100mg. Customers can know that they’re getting a quality product to supplement for skin health.

This is precisely why Sara believes SmarterSkin IS the smart choice for skin health TODAY.

This is skin health for ALL generations!

Are you ready to join us as we re-imagine skin health?