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4th of july frosé recipe with strawberry and watermellon

Strawberry Watermelon Frosé

 A quick look outside and there is no question we are in the full swing of summer. Naturally, this means more BBQ's, Picnics, and just overall increased time outside enjoying the beautiful weather!! If you're in the U.S. like us, then you're also getting ready for some serious 4th of July celebration!! 

We made these delicious adult beverages for just the occasion! Although now that we know how easy they are to make (and dangerously good) we will be making them ALL SUMMER LONG!! 

For those of you that have never had Frosé, you are in for a treat. It's basically a wine slushie, and who can say no to that?! We chose to use frozen watermelon instead of ice, and some delicious strawberry powder to pump up that red color for the 4th!! 

 Frose recipe watermelon and strawberry rose smoothie

If you don't have frozen watermelon you can just use ice and extra strawberry powder, but we HIGHLY recommend the watermelon!! It gives it another level of refreshment and goes SO well with the strawberry! If you give this a try tag us on IG to let us know how you like it!! (@nature.restore) 

Hope you all have a wonderful Independence Day and stay safe! Cheers! 


6 cups frozen fruit (watermelon)
1 bottle rosé wine
½ tsp Red Beet Powder (optional)
Blueberries and watermelon for garnish


Place all ingredients in a blender or food processor and blend until smooth. Add ice or more frozen fruit for a thicker slushie.
Serve immediately, garnished with fruit.