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Haunted Raspberry Tonic

Haunted Raspberry Tonic

You have the decorations set. The best spooky spread of snacks. And a costume contest going down that will be the best of record. Your epic Halloween party is only missing one more thing... a themed cocktail!!! 

Yes, your guests may be satisfied with red wine labeled as blood, or any other average beverage...but what fun is that?! You dont put that much effort into the best-haunted gathering without thinking of this one last detail. 

Now, whether you have just come to the realization the week of, or prepped in advance. this recipe is SO SIMPLE!!! 

If making for a large group we recommend making the alcohol raspberry mixture ahead of time, putting it into a fancy and perfectly on theme container, and either removing the label of the tonic water so that it does not stand out, or placing it in a sealable container to preserve the bubbles. you can pre-rim the glasses, and set up the garnish at a perfect spooky cocktail station fashioned with all the details! So fun right!! 




2 1/2 ounces gin or vodka
1 large lime
1 bottle tonic water
For Garnish (optional):
Black sugar
Mint leaves
large toothpicks


Rim the glass with black sugar and fill with ice

In a cocktail shaker add in the gin, juice from 1/2 lime and raspberry powder

Shake for 30 seconds with ice so the raspberry powder can turn the mixture red

Pour over ice and top with tonic water and top with a blackberry and mint leaf

Halloween cocktail recipe with raspberry juice powder from nature restore