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celery juice and carrot skin health smoothie recipe

Glowing Skin Smoothie

The smoothie. 

What a wonderful way to start off your morning! Pack it full of greens, delicious fruits, health-boosting powders, root vegetables, healthy fats, and all of the health-promoting deliciousness you can get your hands on! 

We took a skin health perspective with this one... and what we ended up with was far tastier than we were expecting!! Heres how we chose this blend of beauty-boosting ingredients: 

Carrots: These tasty orange root vegetables are full of Vitamin A boosting antioxidants and help to repair and protect the skin!
Apples: These babies are high in Vitamin C - which helps with collagen production, and B vitamins that help reduce irritation and blemishes! 
Celery: Celery contains Vitamin K, A, C, and E which work to brighten skin and could help fight signs of aging. 
Ginger: Although known for its digestive aid, ginger's role in our gut can benefit the skin too! Ginger helps create glowing skin by helping to remove toxins and irritants from the body and has an extra dose of Vitamin C!
Mango: Not only are mangoes absolutely delicious, but they are also full of A, C, and E vitamins, and antioxidants to work towards that glowing completion! 
Collagen: This one is a no-brainer, collagen creates the structure of our skin, so adding a little supplement to your smoothie could help maintain firm, healthy appearance and feel! 
Water: Our number one skincare tip is always to HYDRATE!!! Fight dry, tight, wrinkle-prone skin by getting plenty of water! 
You can feel free to add more ingredients or leave one or two out depending on what is available in your kitchen, but if you wish to follow as written the recipe below was perfectly delicious!

celery juice powder recipes



2 carrots (chopped or grated depending on your blender power)
1/2 apple
2 tbsp Grated Ginger (or to taste)
1 cup frozen mango
1 scoop collagen powder (optional)
1/2 cup water 
Glowing Skin Smoothie with celery juice and carrot


Add all ingredients to blender and pulse until smooth. Add more water or juice as needed. 
Pour into glass, sip, and enjoy! 


Healthy Skin Smoothie Recipe