• Adaptogenic Chocolate Chip Cookies

     We've all had that moment, relaxing on a Sunday evening and all the sudden craving some delicious homemade chocolate chip cookies...YUM! But it's hard to justify to yourself that making a whole batch of cookies for just you is really worth it. And your craving goes unsatisfied.  Although, if you... View Post
  • Milk Thistle Dog Treats

    If you are a dog owner or even just a dog lover, you know your pups deserve the best! They provide us with love, unwavering friendship, and bring so much happiness into our lives.  So why give when goodies that are full of preservatives and unknown ingredients? You may call us over the top, but w... View Post
  • DIY Rainbow Magic Shell

    Looking for a way to spice up your summertime treats? Or add a new twist to your topping spread on family ice cream night?  Try making your own magic shell! It's so incredibly easy to make and trust us, its amazing!  While you could simply use chocolate chips and coconut oil to make a chocolate s... View Post