• Gut Cleansing Celery Smoothie

    Gut health has been gaining some serious attention lately and for good reason! Many health concerns begin in the gut, so maintaining a healthy gut can improve many aspects of your health! We made this smoothie with the health of the gut and your overall health in mind!  Plus, it's pretty tasty, s... View Post
  • Butterfly Blue Snowflake Rice Krispies

    What is more nostalgic than making Rice Krispie treats at home, sneaking a pinch full while they're still warm in the pan, and wondering why you didn't make more.  Although plain fresh Krispie treats are incredibly delicious, we decided to spice it up with a holiday twist! Using our new Butterfl... View Post
  • Homemade Red Beet Gnocchi

    Have you ever made pasta from scratch? It's not as hard as you may think and honestly SO much better than store-bought!!  What we love about gnocchi is that you make it with your hands, without worrying about pasta rollers and mixer attachments. Plus, each gnocchi is unique giving the end product... View Post