• Tropical Knotweed Smoothie Bowl

    Japanese Knotweed is a powerful little plant, but depending on where you live can be hard to find in nature.  Not to worry, you can still get the benefits of Japanese Knotweed without the search! In steps Knotweed Powder!! Rather than just mixing this with water to make a little tart wellness sho... View Post
  • Brilliantly Green Oreos for St Patrick’s Day

    March 17th marks St Patrick’s Day, where it seems as if everything is turned green for 24 hours. And whilst we might indulge in a pint of Guinness and wear a green leprechaun hat for the day, how about also making these fun homemade green Oreo cookie sandwiches?? Who doesn’t like an Oreo? Choco... View Post
  • Strawberry Overnight Oats

    Who doesn't love a good cup of overnight oats in the morning?!  This recipe was inspired by one of our favorite plant-based bloggers, Katja from  Breakfast with Flowers!!  Her oats always look to have the best texture and flavors so we tried one for ourselves and let me tell you... it did not d... View Post