Our Story

A strict father, a string of rebellion, and a whole lot of education: the beginning of Nature Restore was a wild journey.

It all began with my dad, a health-nut, and his passion for holistic tradition. Growing up, he raised us on home-pressed juices and wheatgrass shots (back before it was cool). Health was always top priority over taste or enjoyment. After moving out, I immediately rebelled and binged all of the unhealthy choices that were never condoned back at home. I soon came to realize that this was not a sustainable way of life.

Once making the conscious decision to prioritize my health, I grabbed as many affordable supplements as I could expecting a quick solution to turn it all around. Months went by and I actually felt worse than when I started. After running a few lab tests, I found out my bloodwork was high in heavy metals. I had learned the hard way that not all supplements are created equally. Not ideal when the supplements you chose to IMPROVE your health actually end up damaging it.

After this discovery, I buried my head in all of the articles and journals I could get my hands on. Grabbing onto the holistic health practices I was raised on, and expanding into everything modern nutrition research has to offer. From these experiences and countless hours of research, Nature Restore was born. Keeping safety, purity, and the integrity of ingredients as the top priorities. We believe supplements should actually support your health and wellness, not hurt it. So it is our mission to provide our wonderful customers with reliable quality and thoroughly tested products they can actually enjoy.

Nature Restore founders growing up

Our Values & Brand Promise

We are committed to providing pathways to a healthier and safer lifestyle. Everyone has the right to know what they are putting into their bodies. We value transparency in our products, so what you see is what you get! No secret colors or ingredients, and no unnecessary additives.

We make it our mission to source health supporting supplements and powders for every kind of health enthusiast. From the superfood lover and smoothie making guru to the TCM specialist!

We test our ingredients through a 3rd party to ensure our products are safe from heavy metals, pesticides, and bacteria that may be harmful to your health.

We don’t make magic pills or potions and we don’t promise overnight transformation or cures. What we will do is help you make your whole self better with targeted nutrition and wellness products.

We are here to supplement your journey towards your health and wellness goals. You have thousands of choices when choosing wellness supplements and plant-based nutrition – we can confidently say that we are here to support you in your personal endeavors.

Product Efficacy & Uniqueness

We choose to source our powders from various small farms to ensure quality products, conscious harvests, and low-impact distribution that is not attainable with large-factory scale productions. These small-batch harvests mean you may notice a slight varying color in your individual orders. This is nothing to worry about, just a different harvest lending its own unique personality to your final product!