Lavender Flowers

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Our lavender flowers are certified organic so you can feel confident using them in your next skincare or sleep-aid DIYs! Order online at Nature Restore!

From baked goods to beverages, find all of our favorite Strawberry recipes here!

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Sweet Dreamy Feelings

Lavender tea is our secret to a good night's sleep. Lavender is well known for both its soothing aroma and therapeutic effects of relaxation. Try a cup of this floral tea before bed to help you unwind and drift into a dreamy, restful sleep.

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Nature Restore Organic Lavender flower buds 4oz Supplement Facts

Live Love Lav

Our Organic Lavender Buds have so many versatile aromatherapeutic and culinary uses - the real question is what can't you use it for? Teas, soaps, skincare, bath bombs, and even wedding decor!

New to cooking with Lavender? Once you try it, you will grab at the opportunity every time it is offered. We recommend starting with a simple syrup to add to your favorite lattes, cocktails, baked goods, and more!

Nature Restore Lavender Dried Whole flower, Organic, 4-Ounces, homemade poptarts


You need to get these Lavender Buds. They are soothing, calming, sleep inducing.


Especially when I feel like I need a good night's sleep, they're just amazing!


I added Lavender from Nature Restore to make the perfect spring cocktail.

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