Cayenne Extract Supplement

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A hot dose of wellness could help reduce your hunger, boost metabolism, and aid in digestive health. Try our Cayenne Extract Supplement. Shop now!

  • Cayenne Pepper Supplement, Standardized to 0.45% capcaisin, equivalent to 70,000 heat units
  • Cayenne Pepper has published research indicating a variety of health benefits. Our cayenne pepper pills are highly concentrated, you get more with Nature Restore!
  • 500mg per capsule, 90 capsules per bottle, 1-2 month supply
  • IMPORTANT: take cayenne capsules with FOOD, do not take on an empty stomach. You wouldn't eat a raw jalapeno on it's own would you :)

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Provides a hot dose of wellness

Capsaicin is the active ingredient found in cayenne peppers and is what gives them their medicinal properties. It also gives them their hot taste! Cayenne pepper may support healthy digestion and is high in antioxidants.

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Nature Restore Cayenne Supplement, 90 capsules, 500-MG supplement facts

Fiery Spice with Health Benefits

Derived from the capsicum plant's fruit, this extract contains capsaicin, a potent compound known for its antioxidant properties and vitamin content. With a minimum of 0.45% naturally occurring capsaicin, it adds a spicy kick to your dishes while potentially supporting overall well-being. Experience the heat and health benefits of Nuliv Science's Cayenne Extract today!