Essential Wellness

Our holistic health supplements bring targeted support to various bodily systems thanks to powerful ingredients derived from natural sources. Keep your wellness goals in check with the best health and wellness supplements, made by nature and backed by science.

Plant-Based Supplements and Superfood Powders

From health enthusiasts to individuals with specific health concerns, we offer plant-based supplements and superfood powders that cater to a variety of wants and needs. Plus, by having our products tested by a third party, we make sure you're getting the wholesome ingredients you expect (and nothing more). No heavy metals, bacteria, or other harmful contaminants – our superfood powders and supplements are made just as nature intended, giving you greater peace of mind every time you use them.

Find the Best Health and Wellness Supplements

Supporting your overall wellness with holistic health supplements should be easy: no frills, no lofty promises, and no questionable ingredients. That's why at Nature Restore, we take a straightforward approach to giving you the solutions you're looking for. Every product we offer is sourced from a reliable place, tested for quality, and delivers exactly what's promised. After all, restoring your health and achieving your wellness goals shouldn't be rocket science. We do the hard work, so you can feel confident that you’re putting only the best ingredients into your body.

Whether added to smoothies or incorporated into your morning routine, our supplements and superfoods help you get the nutrition you need when you need it most. Browse our selection of wellness essentials to find the perfect fit for your lifestyle!


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BoneBoost™ BoneBoost™
Nature Restore Inc


Gotu Kola Nature Restore Gotu Kola Supplement, 90-Capsules, 500-MG
Nature Restore Inc

Gotu Kola

Agaricus Powder (Testing) Agaricus Powder (Testing)
Nature Restore Inc

Agaricus Powder (Testing)

S.O.D. Plus S.O.D. Plus
Nature Restore Inc

S.O.D. Plus

Agaricus Powder Agaricus Powder
Nature Restore Inc

Agaricus Powder

SleepBoost™ Nature Restore SleepBoost™ Wulinshen Zylaria Supplement, 60-Capsules, 500-MG
Nature Restore Inc


Rosemary Extract Rosemary Extract
Nature Restore Inc

Rosemary Extract

Celery Powder Celery Powder
Nature Restore Inc

Celery Powder

Jiaogulan Supplement Jiaogulan Supplement
Nature Restore Inc

Jiaogulan Supplement

Coriolus Mushroom Supplement Coriolus Mushroom Supplement
Nature Restore Inc

Coriolus Mushroom Supplement

Acai Berry Product Image Açaí Berry Supplement
Nature Restore Inc

Açaí Berry Supplement