Strawberry Powder

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Our strawberry powder is made from freeze-dried organic strawberries. This helps retain all the wonderful nutrients found in fresh strawberries. Please note, we have new packaging! Our Organic Strawberry Powder is now packaged in a 10-ounce size, with a reusable and recyclable container.

We all know strawberries are good for us but did you know that they may support memory and mood?! Middle aged, overweight study participants were given 13 grams of whole strawberry powder and they found a "relative reduction of interference in verbal learning and memory".

Krikorian, R.; Shidler, M.D.; Summer, S.S. Early Intervention in Cognitive Aging with Strawberry Supplementation. Nutrients202315 (20): 4431. DOI: 10.3390/nu15204431

Product Note: Due to seasonal variability, natural color variations may occur due to harvest.