Jiaogulan Supplement

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A member of the gourd family that grows in southern China, 16 species and 3 variations of Jiaogulan have been discovered and documented so far. It is relatively new to the list of adaptogens. According to recent studies, Jiaogulan contains nearly four times as many saponins as Panax ginseng. These saponins, known as gypenosides, are similar to the ginsenosides and panaxosides found in Asian ginseng. Published research clinicals demonstrate Jiaogulan may support increased AMPK activity. Historically consumed as a tea, we offer a much more potent and effective gynostemma supplement in easy to swallow vegeterian capsules.

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The Medicinal Uses of Jiaogulan

Jiaogulan, also known as the "Southern Ginseng”. Southern Ginseng is typically used for medicinal purposes and is used in similar ways as ginseng for an antioxidant and detoxifying additive!

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Nurturing Immunity, Naturally

Elevate your well-being with NuLiv Science Jiaogulan Supplement. Derived from the potent adaptogenic herb, Jiaogulan, this supplement offers a natural boost to your body's resilience. Embrace the power of adaptogens and experience the potential benefits of improved vitality, reduced stress, and enhanced immune support. Let NuLiv Science Jiaogulan Supplement be your partner in revitalizing your health and embracing a balanced, vibrant life.