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Japanese knotweed health benefits

Don't Pick Out These (Japanese Knot) Weeds

As I look out into my yard, in the middle of November I wonder, “How the heck is it still 70 degrees with weeds appearing?” Unfortunately, as I go out to remove them, I am not returning to anything that will improve my health like the organic Japanese Knotweed. Far from an ugly plant that just invades your greenery, this plant has brought many benefits to the health of people all over the world.

Originating in Japan (surprise, surprise), organic Japanese knotweed began to spread quite quickly throughout the world. From Japan, it began being used in China than on over to Great Britain in many gardens (Rawls, 2016). Finally, it sailed across seas to Canada and then down to the good ole’ United States. The plant grows very quickly and expands rapidly as well, which is why it made such a distance around the world as fast as it did. The herbal healing properties it produces can be attributed to the large amounts of resveratrol it contains. If any of you are familiar with resveratrol and its benefits, I am sure you are using the excuse of drinking red wine for “a heart-healthy drink”. While wine is a good source, Japanese knotweed and its amount of resveratrol far exceed the benefits and amount that properly supplement the body.

My personal favorite of all the health issues organic Japanese knotweed and resveratrol address is a healthy liver function. Your first thought may be, “Well, I do not drink a lot, so my liver is ok!” Actually, multiple bodily functions are controlled and regulated by the liver and it is damaged by much more than an overabundance of alcohol. Cholesterol, blood pressure, fatty foods, glucose and much more all have the liver to thank for making sure all is correctly produced and stored. However, the liver can only do so much when the body is being abused and Americans are doing a fine job with doing that through processed foods and damaging oils. Supporting the liver and giving it all the healthy help it can get, benefits the regulation of all the above processes our body goes through daily in order to survive.

Other health areas that organic Japanese Knotweed aids in are healthy cardiovascular and immune function; we want to make sure our immune system is up to par to go out and pick weeds. When using organic Japanese knotweed as a supplement, it does not take much to get full needed requirements of resveratrol, so no, you do not need as much as you would in a full glass of wine.

Next time you look out and see a weed, use it as a reminder to get your organic Japanese knotweed in for the day! I knew they were in my yard for a reason.