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stress management with your phone

How Your Smartphone Can Help You De-Stress

These days, we’re all so attached to our phones, aren’t we? We use them to control and manage most aspects of our lives. We use them as a calendar, alarm clock, virtual assistant, to check into the office even when we’re not supposed to be working and to plan the minute details of our day. Heck, we even use them to call home when we’re working late.

But sometimes it can feel like our smartphones are actually controlling us. Studies suggest that being constantly connected is stressing us, but it's not easy to switch off the phones, or our minds.

So for us to now say that your smartphone can help you de-stress, you might think we’re crazy. But stay with us! There are now a surprising number of apps and games designed to help us take a moment, and to celebrate Stress Awareness Month, here are some of our favorites…

Prune (iOS and Android, $0.99)

Imagine cultivating the perfect bonsai tree (without the pressure of actually having a real one)? Well now you can, with this beautiful app! There’s no aim, just pruning your bonsai to the shape you want it, using your creative flair, that you may not even realize you had!

Infinity Loop (iOS and Android, free)

Endlessly addictive and superbly simple, Infinity Loop is everything you need to while away some time just getting lost in these beautiful graphics. It’s said this is Tetris for the 21st Century, and we all remember how brilliant that was! Simply connect all the lines and corners to make an infinitely long pattern. Bliss!

Pigment (iOS and Android, free with in-app purchases to unlock more)

You know those coloring books aimed at adults that became big a few years ago? Well, now you can color online, with no sharpening or annoyingly blunt pencils involved. The pigment is just as addictive as the ‘offline’ version of paper and pencils and is a perfect wind down at the end of the day. No going over the lines now…

Monument Valley II (iOS and Android, $4.99)

The guys behind Monument Valley have created this stunning second version (you don’t have to have played the first to enjoy the second) with mindfulness at the forefront. It follows the story of Ro and her child as they journey through a world of optical illusions and beautiful geometric patterns.

Rotate the towers and monuments to let Ro go on her journey, and absorb yourself in the relaxing scenery and music as you navigate each level.

Zen Koi (iOS and Android, free)

If the sound of a fountain or trickling water relaxes you, but you’re far from anything but a dripping tap, this game is for you. Raise beautifully calming fish and nurture them as they grow into mythical dragons. If you can stay awake long enough!

Our smartphones are important aspects of our lives. Without them, we might just get left behind. But they don’t have to just be about staying in the loop.

Download a game and get lost in a world far, far away from emails, appointment reminders, and wakeup calls!