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Supplements, The Internet, And Safety: The Importance Of Trust

Supplements, The Internet, And Safety: The Importance Of Trust

We live in abundant times where we can buy literally anything we want on the internet. Whatever product or service we’re looking for, however mainstream or niche, we’ll find it with a quick Google search.

But with this freedom, comes risk. Because not only is the internet awash with things to buy, it’s also awash with unscrupulous sellers with things to sell that might not be quite what they seem.

When we buy a pair of jeans or some homeware with a quality that’s way below par, the worst that happens is that we might lose our hard-earned cash. Which is annoying to say the least. But when it comes to buying things that we consume, such as vitamins and supplements, it’s more than our bank balance at stake.

Only recently, we’ve read reports of certain vitamin supplements being sold on online mega-retailers aren’t what they claim to be.

Samples of CoQ10 and SAMe (used to manage a number of conditions such as osteoarthritis, liver disease, and depression) that were being sold on the platform were tested independently for their potency. The majority of those tested were found to be far below the potency they claim on their labels, and some were even found to contain none of the active ingredients at all.

And when you think consumers are buying these products thinking they’re helping them manage their chronic health conditions, the possible consequences are shocking.

But how do we, as consumers, know which supplement brands to trust?

The answer is in third party testing.

If a brand uses a third party to independently test their products and display this proudly on their website and packaging, then it’s a sure sign that you’re getting what you’re paying for. A quick Google search of the brand you may have found on Amazon will help you determine their validity from their website.


Why is third-party testing important?


Here at Nature Restore, we follow what the FDA insists upon for the safety of dietary supplements (current Good Manufacturing Practice) which includes testing the purity, and composition of our ingredients. 

This way, we know, and you (our loyal customers), know that what you’re buying and putting into your body is what we say it is, safe in the knowledge we’ve tested their validity and safety.

Specifically, we make sure to test all of our products and ingredients for heavy metals, bacteria, and other infection and spoilage microorganisms, allergens, and other unwanted contaminants through third-party, independent, accredited laboratories.

This means that not only are we using ingredients tested by the manufacturer, but we’re making the effort to ask a different laboratory to test for contaminants for the avoidance of doubt.

This extra layer of protection means that our customers can trust us, even more, to provide them with high-quality dietary supplements that work to support a healthy body and mind. And we couldn’t be more proud!