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Nature Restore Q&A with Raw vegan food educator Deirdre Robertson

Q & A with Raw Vegan Educator & Brand Enthusiast, Deirdre Robertson

The health & wellness industry allows us to meet a lot of amazing and supportive people. Throughout our time as a company, we’ve been fortunate to develop a special relationship with Deirdre Robertson, a health & wellness enthusiast.

We first reached out to Deirdre in January 2017 hoping to collaborate with her for recipe creations. Throughout the year we have gotten to know each other little by little and has been an influence for us as well. We sat down with Deirdre, so we (and you, most importantly!) could learn more about the person behind the beautiful recipes created with Nature Restore’s superfoods.

Here’s her amazing story...


Tell us about you; what's your story?

I’m an attorney by day, but a cyclist, runner, vegan and dog lover also. I have always been a runner but I became really focused on trying to eat healthier and when I was losing weight for my wedding six years ago. After I lost the weight I still wanted to keep going and it triggered my curiosity to feel better on the inside. I decided to train for a marathon three years ago.

What are three words you live by?

Kindness, health, compassion.

How long have you been vegan? What inspired you?

I have been vegan in the past but would play around with a vegetarian, pescatarian lifestyle. I went to see a nutritionist after I completed my first marathon and she told me to focus less on my protein and more on my carb consumption. I’ve been vegan ever since and became an ethical and environmental vegan. I stick to my plant-based diet for health and performance.

What is the most rewarding/motivating thing about your 'project'?

With Instagram, I’ve been able to find a community that shares similar interests and people I can communicate with. I’m able to get in touch with vegans, runners and cyclists. I get to communicate with people all over the world about food art. I live just outside of Washington D.C. and sometimes it’s hard to find someone or a community who shares the same passion locally. It’s also rewarding being able to show people that there are other kinds of foods out there and it’s okay to be healthy.

How do you come up with so many recipes?

I normally have a particular food(s) in mind that I think might go well together and then I Google them to see if they pair well. I’ll also find existing recipes and tweak them. I’ll either remove one or two ingredients at a time or switch it out with something else. As an attorney, I have to be organized and detail oriented. With cooking, everything is chaotic and messy. Balance!

How did you come up with ideas for your Instagram feed?

I needed an outlet for creativity. My mother, father, and brother are great artists. My bowl and plate is my blank canvas and my food is my paint. I wanted to photograph and document my meals but didn’t know what to do with them, so I began posting photos on Instagram. I do it as a hobby and for fun but once it stops being fun I’ll stop posting.

Why do you use superfood powders?

I use superfoods to boost my performance when I go running and cycling. I researched how certain foods can reduce inflammation and improve your immune system. You're not going to always be able to find fresh foods. It’s wonderful to take before or after for recovery. I got curious about the basics of nutrition and read a lot of books. I eat a mostly high raw diet and whole veggies and fruit. I stick to raw foods for first two meals and dinner usually varies between raw and cooked.

Speaking of superfood powders, what's your favorite?

Taste-wise, my favorite one is Raspberry. I love making smoothies and cashew cheesecake with it. The problem with fresh or frozen raspberries is that you have to account for the wetness when making cheesecake and the powder gives it a great consistency. 

What do you do for protein?

Track my macros, eat nuts, seeds, broccoli, and kale. I try to incorporate at least 10% protein.

How many marathons have you done? How do you train for them?

I have done one marathon and two half marathons. It took six months of training for my first marathon. I implement an 8-10 week plan to improve my time. I am currently training for the Maratona d’les Dolomites cycling race in Italy. *We would like to mention this wonder woman will run 10 miles at a time for fun! Such an inspiration!*

What advice do you have for someone wanting to do marathons?

Get a training plan and follow it. If you're a couch-to-run person do a beginner training plan. Let your body tell you what can and can't do. Don't focus on the time. Set 3 goals: realistic, can reach with effort, and unattainable.

Do you have any advice for someone interested in becoming vegan?

One change at a time. Add one thing in or give up one thing at a time. Give up red meat, then eggs, then dairy. When I started I got overwhelmed and was scared the "vegan gods" would get mad at me. You should forgive yourself if you mess up. It's not a diet, it’s a lifestyle change. A dramatic change can be traumatic for people.

We often see Instagram stories of your rescue dogs, Abe and Milly. What is their story?

Milly is a Maltese and was rescued 5 years ago. She was a puppy mill breeding dog and was in a kennel all of her life and was released to a high kill shelter when she couldn't have babies anymore. The local rescue pulled her out. Later, we decided she needed a companion and went back to the rescue and found Abe who is a Maltese terrier mix. He's taught her how to walk up and down the stairs and how to be a dog.

We want to thank Deirdre for her time spent with us. She has an incredible story, and we hope it inspires you to be the best version of yourself.

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