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Christmas Decoration DIY for cheap

Inexpensive Christmas Decoration Ideas That'll Turn Your Home into a Winter Wonderland

The average family said they would spend about $70 on Christmas decorations alone in 2018. The average Christmas spending in total was expected to be $600 that year.

Christmas is an expensive holiday, but it doesn't have to be. There are ways to cut costs if you know how.

Many families go to sales to buy gifts and other items at a discount. Or maybe this year try driving or taking the train to see relatives instead of flying.

You might even cut costs when it comes to decorations. There are so many inexpensive but still fantastic Christmas decoration ideas out there, some of our favorites can be seen below! 

1. Fake Fireplace

A bright, warm fire in the fireplace has become an icon of Christmas, but it has limitations. So many of us not no longer have a fireplace in our homes, thanks to the wonderful central heating we now have available. This means many homes and apartments just don't have them anymore.

But this doesn't mean you have to miss out on the holiday cheer!! There are a few different ways to create a fake fireplace. The easiest solution is head over to Youtube, and pull up one of the many fireplace options on your TV! Some cable packages even have a fireplace channel for the season, so check with your provider. 

If you want to get really crafty you can make one out of cardboard boxes, or draw one onto a large chalkboard with hooks to hang the stockings from. 

2. Custom Garland

You can also use garland to get your home into that Christmas spirit. Yes, good store-bought garland can add up quickly, but not to worry! We have a few ways around it that (in our opinion) are even better!! 

How? you may ask? By making your own!! Get creative, and use what resources you have available to you! Anything decorative will do.

Many tree lots and farms will give away their scraps fro FREE!! Yes! REAL CHRISTMAS TREE cuttings just thrown on the ground. Ask around your local tree lot and see what you can scavenge! These scraps are perfect for garland, wreaths, and honestly just placing a limb on the mantle with a few Dollar Store trinkets will look like a million bucks! 

Bonus: You can grab a few trunk trimmings while you're there to make cute wood burned tree ornaments either for yourself or as a thoughtful handmade gift to your loved ones! 

Can't get your hands on any greenery? Perhaps you have a long ribbon you're not using or some extra Christmas lights. Either one would look great wound around the staircase or over the windows. 

There's also the classic method of popcorn tinsel. It's a timeless and inexpensive Christmas decoration, that will be a fun activity for you and the family! Maybe even forming a new family tradition! 

3. Pine Cones


I know, this one seems a little lame, but dont underestimate the power of a few pine cones!! Many of us can simply walk outside and gather a few up from the yard, or have a friend that will gladly let you clear their yard of cones! 

If you are not so lucky, then craft stores, grocery stores, and even a local park (that allows foraging) will be your go-to! If opting for grocery store pine cone supply you can even get cinnamon scented ones that will not only add to your decorative style but will fill your home with a festive cinnamon smell that will get you feeling all the holiday vibes! 

But what to do with them?? 

Make a simple centerpiece with pine cones, a few tree cuttings, and candles! 

Or maybe turn that pile of cones into the cutest tabletop tree you've ever seen!! All you need is a cheap foam cone center and some hot glue! 

Lastly, going back to garlands, make a beautiful pine cone garland!! Use as a mantle decoration with a few candles, a table runner decoration, or anywhere that needs a little woodsy accent!  

If all this seems like way too much effort and crafting ability simply placing a bowl of cinnamon pinecones on the table will do the trick! 

Inexpensive Christmas Decoration Ideas

As the cost of Christmas goes up year after year, many find themselves yearning for a simpler way to do things. One way to cut back on spending is by making an inexpensive Christmas decoration or two.

There are multiple ways to create affordable Christmas decorations. We've mentioned a few of them in the paragraphs above, but there are plenty of others.

We encourage you to get creative and have a little fun with it. You may be able to come up with a few better ideas on your own! 

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