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Best Plant-Based Supplements: What Supplements to Take for Different Health Goals

Best Plant-Based Supplements: What Supplements to Take for Different Health Goals

No matter where you look, the natural world is full of plants, and many of them have some level of therapeutic value for humans. While you may not be able to take a hike through your area and gather vegetation that will deliver a health boost, what you can do is incorporate plant-based supplements into your everyday wellness routine.

The best plant-based supplements deliver noteworthy benefits in the most natural way possible. However, with so many options out there, how do you know which to take? Here’s a look at some of the best supplements you can incorporate into your daily routine to target specific health needs and goals:

Plant-Based Immune Boosting Supplements

The immune system is your body's built-in defense against bacteria and viruses. Therefore, keeping it in good working order is one of the most important things you can do for your health. Thankfully, a number of plant-based supplements may give your immune system that extra oomph it needs to protect you.

One good example of an immune-support supplement derived from plants is elderberry extract. Elderberries come from the black elder tree, and the fruits deliver a wealth of anthocyanins that act as powerful antioxidants in the body. Not to mention, elderberries are rich in hard-to-get vitamins and minerals. Some studies have shown elderberry to be an effective way to help the immune system fight common illnesses like the flu. For maximum benefits, take our Elderberry Extract Supplements daily to give your body a boost.

Plant-Based Skin Health Supplements

Your skin is the first protective barrier between your body and the world around you, so protecting it is crucial. Whether you’re looking to give your skin the nutritional elements it needs to stay healthy and strong or want to fight off free radicals to keep your skin looking youthful, plant-based supplements are a great option. Some herbs even help support the healing process for cuts, scrapes, and other wounds!

Gotu Kola Extract, for example, is a plant that is widely recognized for its antioxidant properties and is commonly used in skincare products. Serving up a nice dose of asiaticosides, this flowering herb delivers phytonutrients that may help rejuvenate the skin and repair cells that sustain damage from free radicals. In ancient medicine, Gotu Kola was relied on to help heal wounds and target certain skin conditions.

Plant-Based Detox & Digestion Supplements

The body is designed to consistently take what it needs from food and eliminate waste left behind. Likewise, the renal system filters toxins from your blood to help support good health and prevent the accumulation of agents that could harm you. Certain plant-based supplements can aid in these processes due to their chemical makeup.

While you could go in many directions when looking for a detox and digestion supplement made from plants, Cayenne Extract Supplements are a top-notch choice. These peppers contain capsaicin, which may actually help push antibodies through the digestive tract, help with the production of digestive fluids your body needs, and support natural detox. The beauty of taking supplements containing capsaicin is that you don't have to eat something spicy just to get the nutrients your body needs.

Always Opt for the Best Plant-Based Supplements You Can Find

Plant-based supplements make it easy to support your health and wellness naturally. However, to get the best supplements available, you need to find a supplier you trust. At Nature Restore, we’re proud to offer science-backed, rigorously tested products that give your body all of the nutrients it needs – and nothing it doesn’t. Browse our full collection of plant-based supplements or contact us today to learn more!